Thursday, 14 May 2009

New members

Good evening, haven't really got anything to say, other than thank you for joining dealgrabba yesterday and a few more today!

We haven't got round to going large with advertisement yet, as we want to wait until the main dealgrabba website is close to launching. At present we are relying on word of mouth, people stumbling across us on the big wide interweb, my blogs and facebook.

A slow process we knew, but the response so far has been very positive, so thank you again.

Should you want a quick link to dealgrabba, you can use the toolbar links on the side, or click here

My SEO is working well so far, the reason we aren't on the top page is due to not having any AdWords set up yet and we are only a pre launch website. Hopefully once the main website is in place we should start to jump up the ladder. I have a few links with other websites which helps, but again nothing more now until later.

I have also learnt how to make changes to the website and emails. I don't think I could or ever would want to be a web developer, however I can read some of the coding now and understand most of it, which is a great help to some degree.

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