Wednesday, 31 December 2008

The new year is nearly upon us

In 10 hours time we will be in the year of 2009. The Chinese year of the OX, Feng Shui year of the mouse and I will be in the year of HEAVY WORK LOAD.

I only have a few days left of the Christmas season, before it all beings again. The moaning from dad, "have you done this yet, have you done that yet?" " I need you to do this, then when you have done that, do this". The list will be endless.

I have already been given a list of things to do for when I start again. Sort out a marketing letter, think of more things for the 101 elite club, search for products we can put on the website and sort out all the marketing for linking the website with other sites etc. Oh how I cant wait! And of course do my own work!

We haven't heard anything from anyone at the web design company, or the programming company for that matter. Lets hope it's because they are busy working on the site, and not enjoying themselves like me, as dad will hit the roof, again!

I personally think as long as the work is going to schedule I don't mind if they enjoy the festive season. I'm no scrooge, unlike some person I have in mind.

With only a few hours till the new year sets in, I better get in some practice on the guitar hero...... Enjoy the new year and may it be a good one, blog you in the new year.

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

I am a rock god....

Anyone out there who reads this, vital news! You must buy Guitar hero world tour!!

My nephew who is fifteen, came over today to join in the fun of Guitar hero world tour with me and my partner. We started playing at 10.30am and didn't stop until 3.30pm. The only reason we stopped was because I had to go food shopping. If this wasn't the cases, I would still be playing now.

Not only am I a rock goddess at playing the guitar, but I'm also like animal on the drums. Rock out wasn't the world for it! Think I will give the singing part a wide berth though.

Everything about this game ROCKS, it so addictive. When you like a song and someone screws it up thought (partner) you do start to lose your temper with them! lol

New Year tomorrow night, I think me and my band mates will be putting on a live perfomance for my housing estate, for free, which i'm sure they will love to bits! Requests not an option though.

Dad also popped round for a few minutes today. He thinks the game is mindless and stupid and doesnt like the fact it has got my attention more than working for him right now. Shame. Rock on dudes........

Monday, 29 December 2008

Still in the festive sprirt

Today was a day for shopping. I am no different to any other girl, when it comes to shopping I love it and do it very well. We had only been at the mall for an hour when all of the town centre was blocked off due to a bomb scare.

All though this at first worried my daughter, once she seen what the sales had to offer her in a different part of the town, it didn't seem to faze her for long. I came home with some wonderful things, including the guitar hero world tour kit. I have played it till my eyes were so sore they nearly bled. Oh how I love this game, it ROCKS!

However I was very angry to say the least, when after 20 minutes of waiting to be served with two wii remote, I was kindly told they no long had any in stock. I politely told the assistant to remove the boxes from the shelf, so no one else has to wait this long again!

No news to report regarding the website, lets just hope when we do hear anything its all good.

I'm still taking advantage of the Christmas season and doing fun family things rather than work. Shall be dreaming of being a rock god tonight and playing it all day tomorrow....

Saturday, 27 December 2008

The festive season

Been a few days since I have had the chance to write anything, due to the wonderful time of Christmas. I have eaten plenty, drunk to be merry and felt spoilt and pampered too.

Christmas day was lovely. Dad was in his festive mood and woke my brother nice and early to get to mine. My daughter liked her new laptop, and my partner Mark, loved everything i got him too. In the evening We had my four year old niece over and she was a delight, until she played with sand in my living room and then processed to take things from my home by putting them in her bags. I'm now one hat short and some snow babies..... little bugger. x

For a change my mother didn't get drunk, however she did more than make up for it the Sunday before. Four glasses of wine and she was ill like you have never seen. Dad took delight in cleaning up the mess

Anyway, lots of cleaning up and sorting out ipods for me today, the joys of Christmas......

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

A woman always wins.....

You will be pleased to hear that after an afternoon with my dad yesterday, of me moaning about RED, he has gone with the green after all. I knew he would see sense in the end.

The web design is now approved and off for coding. We have to wait three weeks now till we get to see anything. As it's the Christmas season, for me it will fly by. For my dad well, every day will seem to drag.

I know he will moan and groan for these three weeks, however this will not effect me, only my mother. I only have to see him Christmas day and I have stocked myself well with wine for this occasion. The remaining time he will be with other family members (poor buggers), but mainly my poor mother will have to put up with him. There is a god after all!.lol

I would like to wish all my followers and friends a very merry Christmas, and I'm sure i shall blog again before the new year. x

Monday, 22 December 2008

The website is nearly designed

The amendments have gone back today to our web design company. Dad has decided after long hours of thought over the weekend, that he is going to go with RED rather than green. I am not a fan of Red. Liverpool are red, Arsenal are red and that colour doesn't do much for them as a football team! Blue would have been far better!

We wait now to see the final design, then it's go, go, go with the development. Dad is praying this doesn't take them to long to do and hopes there aren't to many problems along the way...

As for the car, no problems to report, however I did nearly start a mini fire again today while climbing across the car, this time in the foot well. I think it would be safe to take it out, as next time it might be my hair.....

Sunday, 21 December 2008

A weekend to remember......

I haven't written for a few days, due to a rather busy weekend. As some of you may already know I got a new car last weekend, excitement however hasn't lasted long.

Thursday evening I went out for a Chinese, while driving there in the rain my wiper blade fell off the car. Friday morning I had to go out and when I got to my destination I couldn't shut the car door. Luckily a man came to a damsel in distress and temporally fixed it. Due to the hard frost I must of broken the handle while trying to get in. Now I can only get in by climbing across from the passenger side.

It didn't stop there. On my way home I thought I would have a cigarette to calm the stress. I pushed the lighter in on the car and within a few seconds its shot out and landed on the gear stick material and started a little fire.

Friday evening I waited for the email to come from the web company. Dad still isn't happy with the overall design, however its only minor details that can be easily rectified. We are hoping this will be sorted before the Christmas holidays start.

On a happier note, my friend had a 40th birthday bash on Friday evening at our local pub. One drink lead to 2, then 3, then 4 and so on, until I was so intoxicated I thought it would be a wonderful idea to sing karaoke to my friend. I have the voice of, no not an angel, but more like a cat being strangled.

However the drink gave me the confidence to think I was the next Brittney Spears and I sang the famous "fairy tale of new york". A lovely song when sung well, however not on this occasion. The people cheered when I finished, however I feel this was more about the fact I was finished rather than how good I was! Did I have a hangover from hell the next day? oh yes..........

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Christmas is coming....

With the holiday season nearly upon us, dad is getting stressed about the amount of time people take off this time of year. In most cases finishing on Christmas eve, returning on the 5th of January 2009.

He will say people, but what he really means is only the people that affect him, i.e our web company. Scrooge I hear you say, and yes you would be right! This is when the Victor Meldrew side of his personality rears its ugly head....

He cant believe it!

We await with anticipation for the email tomorrow, hopefully with a finished web page, for my own sanity I hope it does arrive tomorrow, otherwise it will only give the old git something to moan about over the weekend.....

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Always send a woman to do a job right first time.........

Today we had the meeting with the design company. Over the years I have attended many a meeting with professional LOOKING people. They may not be professional, however they look the part. With this in mind, this was my expectation. How wrong could I be.

When I walked into the office I was politely greeted by several people, who all looked like they had just come from the local skate park. They all looked like they had clean underwear on and didn't look over the age of 25. We walked into an office with someone off "the Beatles St peppers lonely heart clubs band" album and sat down.

Dad being old has a weak bladder, so while he went to relieve himself I took the opportunity to start without him. Within one hour and forty five minutes the website page was designed. When the meeting was over, we hooked up with the other skater boys on the landing and talked a while longer about further info.

They all knew their stuff and were great with any questions asked. Never judge a book by its cover, the next skater boy you see, could be the next Bill Gates skating down the road.

Monday, 15 December 2008

Back to the grindstone........

The weekend is over and now I'm back to work. Nothing much to report regarding the progress of web development till Wednesday as I believe things have come to a stop until then. This fills my dad with delight......not. In the mean time dad is still doing Plenty, Plenty of what I don't know, but this is the response I get when I ask. Plenty of sitting down drinking copious amounts of tea, while writing a list of job for me I imagine. Followed by more tea, before going to is favourite superstore to get dinner for the evening, followed by more tea and a bit of surfing the net. He should have shares with PG tips!

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Away for the weekend

It's been a couple of days since I last wrote in this blog and it will be a few more before I am able to update as I am headed up North to see my grandparents.

Both have been unwell of late and whatever else there may be in lifes busy schedule, I feel it's important I make this visit just prior to Xmas.

I will try to update events as soon as I get back, in the meantime all I will say is, I have arranged a meeting with the web development company for this coming Wednesday. I did at first consider arranging it for just them and my dad, but thought better of it. I will also attend this meeting as I think my dad on his own could well come away having to look for another developer.

I will fill you in with more detail on my return Sunday.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Are men stupid.......

After I wrote my blog yesterday, I had a well earned and very much needed hair appointment. If you know me, you know this is my idea of heaven. I love the head massage when they wash your hair and when they dry it, well I could fall asleep. Because I have a laptop rather than a P.C, dad thought it best not to waste valuable time in the hairdressers, "you have a lap, use it" were his words. Use it I did, to place my heat magazine after all doesn't a woman deserve a little enjoyment?

Are men stupid? A debate friends and I have on more than one occasion. We have talked and shared stories about husbands, partners, male friends and work colleagues over the years and the conclusion we have all come to is yes........

I say this, because after my restful evening I received an email for the web design company with the design of the front page. With excitement and anticipation I opened it up, only to reveal the most ugliest thing you have even seen, other than my mother.....It held every colour of the rainbow, the layout was like 40 people in a lift and unless you were on acid it didn't make much sense. How can a man read a document with detailed instructions and get it so wrong? why, because he's stupid!!!!! How does my dad feel? if i could prescribe morphine to calm the temper right now, I would.......

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Where do i fit in......

As I mentioned yesterday at the end of my post, I have been assigned to help my dad with his new business venture. I'm not quite sure how I got the position, or if I'm even delighted, however I got it and all the work that goes with it.

Dad seems to think I should be given the title Customer Service, if this was the case I would be stuffing envelopes and taking calls. This I am not doing! Instead I have been asked to come up with ideas for the site, create over 20 emails, design a colour scheme and logo, as well as research and marketing. This is just for starters, I have received many phone calls from him since increasing my to do list. How many people in customer service do you know that do this? You are lucky if they can say your name correctly. I must also point out, this role I am doing is for free, I would say love, but i don't want to lie......

What is he doing while I'm doing all this? Well he is working on the functionality of the website, layout, features and of course the theory of how it's going to work. To remember all this, he's put it all down in a word document, which is ever expanding (over 60 pages infact) and being sent to me on a daily basis. I then have to read it and come up with any aspects I don't like or agree with.

Well as you can imagine, he doesn't agree with everything that I come up with, and nor do I always agree with him, so that's when the fun beings. Should we have an orange site, or a white, green and black one? Should it be called quiz or draw? And so on it goes, until one of us wins or gives in. If you have any comments i would love to hear them.........

Monday, 8 December 2008

The Start of things to come

Where do i start. As you know I'm a 34 year old female helping my dad build a website. How did it all begin? After my parents came back from their three week holiday, dad came back to the fact the building/property market had taken a downward plummet, which unfortunately for him, put him out of work.

Dad being dad wasn't going to sit around doing nothing. I am very fortunate to have a dad who is amazing at turning his hand to anything and as we know, there aren't many of them men in this world! I'm not saying for one minute he can multi task or that every girl should have one, good god no! However he can do the following, fix a car, build a house, fit a kitchen, bathroom, plumbing, cook, wash up, the list goes on....... However as we know, all men have their downsides and he too has many of them. The list would be too long to write, so, as i have said before just imagine having a dad who is soooo close to the likeness and personality of Victor Meldrew crossed with the father in my family! I'm sure over time i shall be able to fill you in with all the delights of being a daughter to a man like that and what i have to put up with.

After some sleepless nights thinking and pondering on what to do for work, many, many debates over family meals and countless phone calls to me, he decided he wanted to build a website! As i was saying about downsides, my dad's C.V. of wonder' doesn't include web development!

Dad being dad does have some knowledge of web development, but that's it, just a little bit of knowledge. So that's where we begin. The start of building a website and somewhere along the line i have been roped in to help......