Monday, 18 May 2009

Register with Dealgrabba

Another weekend has passed and weather was horrid. We are getting closer to the summer now, here's hoping we get one this year. Not long and the kids have another week off school, hope the weather is nice then, or my daughter will sloth around in her bedroom rotting like a dead corpse for the week, just like most teenagers I suppose.

People are still registering with Dealgrabba which is great, still a slow process, but Rome wasn't built in a day. I'm sure when registrations are in there thousands dad will be happy, until then he still remains he charming self. Lol

Work for me and the website has slowed down for the present moment. I have done all I can for now, so I can take timeout for a bit. I have watched a few movies, Inkheart, a little boring and predictable, Bedtime stories, very funny made me laugh hard. Yes man, for a change a movie with Jim Carey that was watchable and Harley and me, which made me laugh and cry. Does it show I have children?

I have also managed to fit in a few books, Hannah, sad story about a little girl who dies of cancer by the age of four, Paul O'Grady & Dear fatty, both not as good as I thought they would be and a book about killers who got away with murder.

I have also had time to spend with my niece who is four. She is the type of child you would think butter wouldn't melt, however there are times when I'm sure if I looked on the nape of her neck I would find the devils mark, 666. Of course I still work full-time, so it's not like I have gained lots of time back, but enough to enjoy "my time" for a while.

Nothing else to report, thanks for the new support, checkout the link above or on the links to the left if you want to register with dealgrabba.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

New members

Good evening, haven't really got anything to say, other than thank you for joining dealgrabba yesterday and a few more today!

We haven't got round to going large with advertisement yet, as we want to wait until the main dealgrabba website is close to launching. At present we are relying on word of mouth, people stumbling across us on the big wide interweb, my blogs and facebook.

A slow process we knew, but the response so far has been very positive, so thank you again.

Should you want a quick link to dealgrabba, you can use the toolbar links on the side, or click here

My SEO is working well so far, the reason we aren't on the top page is due to not having any AdWords set up yet and we are only a pre launch website. Hopefully once the main website is in place we should start to jump up the ladder. I have a few links with other websites which helps, but again nothing more now until later.

I have also learnt how to make changes to the website and emails. I don't think I could or ever would want to be a web developer, however I can read some of the coding now and understand most of it, which is a great help to some degree.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009 goes live!

Yes I know, It's been a while, about a week I believe, since I have posted on my blog. I haven't written as there hasn't been anything exciting to put until now and yes Dealgrabba has now gone live.

As of today you can register and refer friends to gain further free bids, which you can use once the full dealgrabba website goes live. We are still not sure at this stage when this is likely to be, but hopefully very soon.

I have pasted a link to the website above and also in the links to dealgrabba section, should you wish to go and check it out. It would also be lovely to hear any feedback you have regarding the dealgrabba website, good or bad.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Crash course

Well it's the bank holiday Monday, and surprise, surprise, no sunshine! My weekend away was lovely, we had a really nice steak cooked on some steak stones, which I've never had before, did some shopping (in the lego car), watched movies, drank plenty of wine and or course the company was fab.

Part of my weekend also included a crash course in coding. By no means am I now a coding geek, or will I ever be, however I have a much better understanding on how all things work and for this I am truly grateful, I really don't know what I would do without you guys, you are my saving grace!

Anyhow, tomorrow is another working day, back to the grindstone of life. Tra for now.

Thursday, 30 April 2009

I'm going away!

This weekend I'm off to see friends. I know the company will be great, the food will be fab and the drinks will be flowing all weekend, Can't wait!

I think we might rock out over the weekend, maybe do a little shopping and if we are really lucky the sun will shine upon us and we shall turn into beautiful glowing ladies, however my friend may well take on a more lobster type

I would like to think that come Tuesday all the website problems will be sorted and we shall start the next mission of many. I could win the lottery this weekend, should this be the case, I think I shall take myself, kids, partner and my winning to a remote Island, wifi free and live a peaceful and happy life, like the Robinson's. I know this would mean no more blogs from me update people on my new life, but at least you would know I was happy.........

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Why are emails such a pain sometimes?

We are still going bonkers over the emails, not bonkers at the website developers, but bonkers/Gaga because some search engines like Yahoo mail, BT and a few others don't seem to like us for some reason. You get a mail, but it will go into your spam, or you get an email but no logo. Things haven't changed. This isn't down to the website developer, he's working hard to try and sort the problem, it's just the servers, why isn't life ever simple?

I've worked all day today, giving up a windy, wet, and cold Saturday to work on SEO, what a socially exciting life I have. Tomorrow being Sunday, a day of rest, I think that's just what I shall be doing, before another busy week begins.

I plan to visit my parents tomorrow, they don't know it yet, but I'm sure they will love the experience. Dad has already been complaining about his ears bleeding through all the phone calls from me today, but in defence, There was a time when he was doing it to me, great how role reversal comes around and bites us on the bottom! I have been keeping him informed of my progress today, and making demands for money, to which I'm still waiting for!

I'm hoping by Tuesday if not sooner I shall be able to give a link to the website and you can have a look, register and even refer a friend or two. Or you might hate it, and never go there again.

Thursday, 23 April 2009


We are nearly there; dealgrabba pre launch website will soon go live. The only reason we are being held up is due to our emails. We are currently having problems with the header and footer, the layout and a delay in receiving them. This however only seems to be a problem with certain providers. Outlook and outlook express seem to be fine; however BT and Yahoo really seem to want to P us around!

I'm sure the website developer now has indentation marks on his forehead, due to hitting the PC monitor with frustration. I know I would be, if I were in his shoes. We plan to do more testing tonight, and if all else fails, some emails won't have headers on them. Not something we want to do, but we would rather people got a mail, than nothing at all.

Not much else to report, I'm still going through Meta Data, which is oh so much fun. Will let you know more tomorrow, tra for now.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

A new look

As you can see the blog layout has changed. After sorting out the logo, I didn't think the green went well, so I changed the template. I'm going to stay with this look now, to follow suit of What do you think, love to hear your thoughts, please feel free to leave a comment below.

I've been a busy bee today. The web developer has given me access to the server so I can do my thing. I've set up Google Webmaster tool and the developer has sorted out the analytics coding for me.

Also I've improved dealgrabba's internal and external links and I've increased dealgrabba's Alexa rating. Dealgrabba's SEO ranking can still be improved upon, but this will come in time with tweaking. Rome wasn't built in a day, neither was I educated in one, so hopefully time will tell in my progress.

I got given the clocks to play with this afternoon. I managed to have 6 on the go all at once, all with different times, all changing when hit and I won on everything. Very impressed! With this in mind the hard part is now out of the way. The rest of it should all be quite plain sailing from here on in.

I think the dealgrabba pre launch website will go live this week and then I can get on and do other things that need to be done all in the name of SEO and website marketing!

Monday, 20 April 2009

Technical problems

As you can see I currently have a rather large header running across the top of my blog. This is due to me trying to change my blog to the new logo to match the website, but it went wrong. There isn't anything I can do to rectify this until tomorrow. I need the developer to upload a new image to the server and then it should work, I hope.

All very technical, but basically I'm pointing my blogger HTML code header to the header for the website. Unfortunately the website header is bigger than what I need for the blog, hence the over stretched header! I feel like heading my head into the heading table!

I'm also going to put a facebook group together, for to tell all about the new site and how to register.I hope to do this in the next few days, all being well. At some point we may start running promotional codes for you to gain further benefits at the dealgrabba website. Feel free to join the group and become a follower to dealgrabba and show your support.

In the meantime we are still waiting for the amendments to finalise and then we should go live, all being well, this Friday.

On a funny note, Dad had to have a tooth pulled out today. The female dentists asked dad what he had planned this afternoon. "Why are you asking me out for lunch" he replied. "No" replied the dentists. "Well, I'm going home to mow the garden" replied dad, why? Well after having a tooth extraction you must not over do it. So on that note dad went home and done nothing. However he didn't follow the not drinking hot drinks or not smoking rule, Men!

Sunday, 19 April 2009

A beautiful day

I've spent a wonderful relaxing weekend chilling out. Saturday I went shopping with daughter of darkness. I brought pink curtains for my bedroom to go with the rest of the bedding set, I also brought a picture for my bedroom, some seat pads for the dining chairs and some new cushions for the sofa. Daughter of darkness has got herself a webcam; let's hope she not doing naughties with it!

Sunday has been even better, the weather has been wonderful and I've done as little as possible. Once I got my domestic goddess chorus out the way, I spent the afternoon in the garden reading a book "greatest unsolved crimes" and listening to the birds singing. I think I even saw a pair of birds at it. My boyfriends worries himself that once day he too could be a murder statics, due to the amount of criminal things I watch and read.

Anyhow on a more serious note, me and dad did some testing over the weekend, a few errors still outstanding, plus we have made some further amendments. Unsure how long it will take for this to be sorted out, but I think pre launch site will go live next week.

Once this happens my life will turn busy again for a while. I've so much ahead of me, which needs to be done once we go live. I want to improve the dealgrabba ranking and of course increase traffic to the pre launch site. I also have lots of other SEO related stuff to do, which is oh so exciting. As for dad, well again, I wonder what is he doing........

Friday, 17 April 2009

Not today

The weekend is here again already, really where does the time go. I remember when I was young time dragged, now I'm wishing it to slow down a little. God knows how I shall feel when I'm my dad's age! lol

As you know the website developer has a list of things to fix, change, amend and adjust. We are still awaiting for these changes to take place. I thought they may have done them all by today, but it isn't the case, so maybe Monday of next week instead. We shall still need to do a re test before it goes live, all being well we might go live next Friday.

Nothing planned for the weekend, just hoping the weather is good and maybe I a can sit in the garden for a few hours and get some rays.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009


We got the dealgrabba pre launch website today to test on this afternoon and this evening. They have given dad a tool so we can delete ourselves afterwards and can start a re test of registration, should we need too.

I sent the link to a friend who then tested it herself and let her 12 year old daughter have a go too. They came back with quite a few points, which was all positive feedback. Kim I have spoken to dad about your request and the answer is no, there won't be any dates with Jensen Button with all the trimmings available!

I then went on to test the site myself. I noticed more errors than they would, as they didn't know what was missing etc. Unfortunately, I came up with quite a page full. Most of them are little errors that should be easy to rectify. Some of the information within the emails was incorrect, but that was down to me, not them. Dad and I have gone over everything with a fine toothcomb and feel we have made a full list of problems and errors. Dad will get these over to him tonight or early tomorrow morning.

I'm not sure how long this will take to put right, all being well I would like to think we shall go live Friday if not Monday. We shall just have to wait and see. I'm finding the whole experience very draining and painstaking at the moment. Due to me feeling like I know the website inside out now and find it hard to properly put my point across sometimes, as I expect them to be able to see what I see in my head, which is just not the case.

Anyway I hope we shall all soon being singing from the same hymn book, tra for now.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Dealgrabba pre launch coming soon!

The long weekend break has flown by and yet again it's back to the grindstone. Dad is back around again to take on the workload he did before, however I think he's taking his time in slipping back in. The web developer has been informed dad is back, but still he chooses to email me rather than dad, the only conclusion I can come too, is that the web developer knows who's the boss!

I think there's a good chance we will see the finished pre launch dealgrabba website by the end of this week. I would like to think we can test over the weekend and then go live Monday of next, week all being well. The only problem we have is not having any access to the management system yet, so we can't delete the registration and start again.

I'm also hoping that maybe next week the dealgrabba logo will be on my blog. I shall also have a link on my blog for all my readers to checkout should you wish too and I hope you do, even if it's just for a peek if nothing else.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Easter weekend

Firstly I would like to wish everyone a happy Easter and hope all my readers have a lovely sunny day and enjoy their eggs without feeling too sick.

Nothing much to report on the website, haven't heard anything from them since Friday afternoon, so I guess they have either run into some problems or they are enjoying the Easter weekend too. I shall report on more news as and when it comes in.

Yesterday was my friend's birthday. Kim turned the ripe old age of 40! We had a lovely day out, first we went shopping then went for a spot of lunch in a lovely pub overlooking a canal. When we arrived back at her, the house was fully decorated with balloons, banners, her age in years, months, weeks, hours and minutes jotted everywhere along with some really cute baby pictures.

OMG was her reaction when we pulled up, mine was tummy rumbling laughter. The party started at 7pm with plenty of food including a hog roast. Yum yum. Kim looked lovely in her dress and rather high shoes, drinks were flowing and the music was great in

Once night came round fireworks were lit and no I'm not talking about the birthday cake, lol. Kim's mum put a lovely "this is your life" album together with pictures of Kim from birth to 40. Laughter could be heard as people viewed the crazy haircuts, silly costumes and of course the mad world of fashion in the 80's.

I'm sure Kim is suffering today with a hangover and sore feet, but it was all worth it!

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Dealgrabba pre launch is nearly here!

I've been busy the last few days as dad has been away, so I have taken on his work load too, which I must say isn't a lot!

Emails have been bouncing back and forth between the website developer and me regarding SEO, coding, reports, timescales and the pre launch design. We have even had a 40 minute telephone conversation. So lovely to work with people so responsive and helpful.

All being well the pre launch page will be ready tomorrow and we can view it over the weekend. The clocks are coming along nicely. The developer currently has 10 running on a page and all running correctly. We should be able to see this for ourselves either over the weekend or Monday of next week.

Should we be happy with the pre launch site, then we will go live either Monday or Tuesday of next week and Phase one of our missions will be completed, only four more to go. The full website should be up and running in about 60 days. We were going to go with a .com address but because we are UK based we have decided to go with the address instead.

The developer and I had a great chat this afternoon about SEO, Geeky stuff and general life. When we started working with these guys, for some reason dad thought they were from Brighton. Due to the fact both were men and from Brighton dad decided to come to the stereotypical way of thinking, they must be gay to live in Brighton. How wrong could dad be....

For a start they don't come from Brighton so who knows were dad got that idea from and secondly he is not someone to look at and even have those thoughts. Turns out he is a Goth, married and with a son, he is also a boy/girl scout leader in his spare time. Because I felt the conversation was going well between us, I choose to tell him of my dad's thought. He couldn't stop laughing and said he was far from gay, but he couldn't speak for his mate. Anyhow, He sent me a link tonight to his Myspace profile. OMG. he makes Marilyn Manson look like Bambi!

We post tomorrow with more updates. tra for now.....