Friday, 30 January 2009

I'm so glad it Friday

This week has flown by. I think I feel like this, due to the fact I have been so busy.

Nothing to report regarding the website, we haven't heard anything from any of the skater boys, but they do like to leave things until 5.30 so who knows, we may get something then.

I'm looking forward to a lay in tomorrow. Haven't made any plans for the weekend yet, but I'm sure I will get up to something. I do plan to stay away from dad this weekend, because if he doesn't hear anything tonight then I know he will be moaning all weekend.

I would much rather he took it out on mother, who isn't drinking at the moment (may the force be with him) or his poor neighbour next door. She wont put up with his shit, who knows she may even set the dogs on him. But for the sake of the dogs I hope she doesnt, wouldnt want them to end up catchy something like miserable barstards disease!

Any how, nothing much to report, so until tomorrow, ta ra for now!

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Backwards is the new forwards!

Not much to report today. I can tell you that backwards must be the new forward!

I say this because, that how the site seems to be going. We think we are finally getting somewhere, they start to pick up speed, then designer skater boy goes sick. Then Skater boy no 2 goes sick and we are left getting nowhere!

Designer returns, but still have to wait one week before I see anything again from him. No 2 is still out, which means no project manager!

However Skater boy no 1 (who we already know is useless) returns from the skate park to help out while no 2 is away!

Helpful is not a word I would use to describe him as. He has been back for just one day and already we are going backwards again. I thought my mother lived on another planet, but this guy takes the biscuit!

If no 2 doesn't return tomorrow, we could be so far backwards we may have never met, which could be a bloody good thing!

Dad has steam coming out of his ears and its only a matter of time now before his head explodes! He is frustrated, p'd off, depressed, his fingertips are sore from having to write so many emails after finding errors and to top it off, my mother is now home from work sick! ROFL

I have been making further enquires regarding marketing. but that's been about it. I have nothing more to tell you as nothing has really happened regarding the website.

The launch page is meant to go live this week. I have more chance of my mum reading my blog, than I have of that happening!

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

I feel like I have a cattle prod in my hand!

I ended my post yesterday on a happy note and I'm pleased to say I'm starting this one on a good one too!

It would seem, the skater boys take it in turns to be ill. Today skater boy no 2 is out. But designer skater boy is in!

I have received a gimmick, which is on the right track, but still not finished correctly. I have gone back to him with changes and amendments, to which he has told me will take a week to finish. A week is a long time I know, however at least I have a time frame!

Dad however isn't all that pleased with the gimmick, but then is he ever pleased about anything? He too has come up with something he would like to see, so I'm guessing when the gimmicks are completed, I shall have a battle on my hands. Father and daughterly love, don't you just love it!

Website developments are progressing along nicely, a lot of things are happening still behind the scenes, but overall a steady progress is being made.

More progress than what can be said for my mother! I have been writing this blog now for a few months and in this time my mother has been four times. Complete strangers have visited again and again. Some even everyday!

My mother however, always response with " in a minute" 17,976 minutes have past since I last asked and I'm still waiting. Does she live in some weird time frame that no one else lives in?

She has time for the DS, TV, wine, chocolate, more wine and bingo etc. But never has time for reading, exercise, cleaning or ironing.

So mother, if you are reading this for once, maybe not today, but in a minute! I going to do the lottery today. If I win, I will write it on here. If, when you next try to contact me, you cant get hold of me. You will know why!

If my mum just added, man to the end of her "in a minute" she could work for the skater boys!

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

What a happy day!

As you maybe aware, we have been awaiting the call today from the web company! It came, Yipppeeee!

Instead of project manager, we will call him, skater boy no 2. Well skater boy no 2, called dad and they both discussed in great lengths, problems, schedules, time frames, launch page, website and gimmicks etc.

Dad spoken to him, in skater language and clearly he has taken on board, just what the website has to do, problems, errors, etc, etc.

Yet again, dad went into great lenths on the importance of communication. Dad is a fair man, believe it or not. He is OK with bad news, but no news, he isn't!

We have a schedules nearly in place, the launch page, should be good to go, by the end of this week. The website should be completed, tested and ready to go by the 20th of February. This I very much doubt, but dad has faith for some strange reason.

As for the gimmicks, well, designer skater boy, is still poorly, bless him! Is my gimmick being done, is it ........

However we are getting progress on this. Skater boy no 2 also has the director of the company now cc'd on emails. So lets hope he too, is getting as fed up as we are!

Skater boy no 2 is getting someone else to get the gimmick finished and put it on the launch page. He also jumps to emails, like he is electrocuted every time a mail goes into his inbox. The response time is amazing! If only I knew this to be true, I would have done it with designer skater boy a long time

On checking the site today, further developments have taken place, although some we cannot check at this stage. Some of the errors have been rectified, however still not all.

I'm not sure if skater boy no 2 has balls of steel, or in fact if he has any at all (due to a freak skating accident that may have happened at the park). But what I do know is, if he does have some, I hope he is prepared to lose them, if these time frames are way off schedule!

Could it be that we are moving forward, could it be the director doesn't want to hand his money back to us, could it be the skate park has been destroyed? I dont know what is happening, but lets hope they keep it up!

Monday, 26 January 2009

Thank you for your guidance!

I would like to thank my dear friend! Dad got into a state of panic tonight and yet again I was a fair maiden helping an idiot in distress!

Once again I turned to a very good friend for guidance and he was there for me. I know he had better things to be doing, like eating spag bol out of a tin, or rocking out!

However he put it on hold for me. I would like to say thank you. Your great! you know who you are and my life would be dull with out you! I enjoying hearing your stories, your wit, but most of all the stupid things you do!

Rock out, rock hard, and yes tonight rock with your xxxx out!

Productive day

Has it been a productive day? For me yes, for dad yes, for the website company not for us, but maybe they can now do a 360!

Today I have been researching google webmaster tools, google checkout, world pay and pay point. Plus had further discussions with the local radio station, regarding advertisement.

I have also had the pleasure of a nice lengthy conversation with dad this afternoon, regarding the website development (lack of it) and the news I've heard today. News I hear you cry, news!

Don't get excited. They didn't email off their own backs, nor did they give me anything exciting to go on. Oh no!

They were only replying to me. I had to send some information over to them, which they needed to add to the website, plus chase up a few things, which included my gimmick.

Well, he must be either, stupid, thick, a stoner, or all of the above, because he couldn't recall the conversation about webmaster tools, even though he was the one who informed me of this. Neither can he remember the correct spelling of the website, and when if asked the previous project manager, neither could he!

Is there any hope?

My gimmick is still no further to completion, as the designer is still ill! I wonder if ill, is code for injured laying low at the skate park, or ill, because he got his fingers run over, while injured laying low at the skate park!

Whatever the case, it sucks! How they manage to run a business like this I just don't know!

Well they are meant to be getting back to dad tomorrow with schedules etc, lets just hope they do, for my own sanity and for dads, otherwise we shall give them one less business to worry about!

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Nothing to report

Nothing much to say today. Have enjoyed the weekend and don't want Monday to come round to soon. But it will!

Dad is probably mentally preparing himself for tomorrow, while mum is asleep on the sofa. I know them so well.

My skype is working again, which is good as my friend goes away next Friday and shall want to stay in touch. She works away a lot due to her job, In the evenings she gets bored, so we chat on sykpe for hours for free, it great!

I'm not going to over do the fingertip movements tonight, so until tomorrow.......

Saturday, 24 January 2009

What a fun day I've had. I went wall climbing today, such fun, really gets the heart going! My arms have grown a few inches and my fingers a few more. Managed to do about an hour before I'd had enough!

To recover, friends and I went for lunch before a little retail therapy was in order!

I'm sure your wondering how dad took the news of the phone call yesterday. Lets put it this way, I was right about going in armed with wine! Not for him of course, but for myself.

With excitement he answered the phone, remained hopefully and to a grumpy standard happy, until I managed to get about two sentences into my conversation. From there on in, his mood changed from a slightly happy person, to someone who wanted to shoot the web company, followed by the air of depression that it maybe just easier for him to shoot himself. He felt at least it would take the pain away from having to deal with website company anymore.

After about an hour of discussions, we decided they have a deadline to get reports schedules and time frames to us, as well as a response to outstanding emails and of course my gimmick!

If by this date, all the information is not with us, then that will be it. We shall end our contract with the company. This however, is not going to be that straight forward!

I know last night, dad fired off yet another email to the website company with detailed instructions of what he expected from them and when.

Not to confuse the website developer, he too got an email. One about the launch page and one about the website. These emails contain detailed instructions of what needs to be changed, added, sorted, moved etc in the launch page, plus a document, outlining the websites errors etc.

Dad has also put an index in the website spec, just to make the developers life a little more easier. Other than writing the website himself, there isn't much more dad can do to make it any easier for him!

This evening i plan to stay in, catch up on Dexter and maybe have a nice long soak in the bath. This might ease my muscles and hopefully make my arms and fingers the right length again!

Friday, 23 January 2009

Breaking bad news, is never easy!

What a day I've had. Firstly I would like to say I had a wonderful night out with friends, suffered a bit for it this morning, however now I'm like a galloping race horse!

Been doing lots of work for dad today, part of which included receiving a phone call from the website company!

Over the last few days, things have been happening to the website, however only at the speed of a tiny snail. Some of these new functions don't work, some are pointless, some don't relate to anything and some things only an idiot would understand!

Dad and I have discussed the site for many hours over the last few days, running checks, making notes, checking errors, etc, etc.

As you can imagine, having to talk to him at all is bad enough, but to have to do it for hours is painful.

Well here comes the best bit. The reason I had to receive a call from the website company was because dad thought I would be able to be calm and deal with it better than him. Dad had emailed a few days ago complaining about communications and the fact the project manager wasn't doing his job.

The out come of that email, got him a new project manager, who would be able to take over full time. He was expected to project manage. Not pass stuff back to us saying, its done, for us only to check and see it was clearly not! We expected communication and for it not to always take place close to the end of the day, plus we wanted to have schedules and time frames now put into place.

Well I had the phone call and what a joy it was!

Nothing dad and I have asked for has been done and now its the weekend, nothing will until Monday! No reports, schedules or time frames. Communication was done probably as he was walking out the door. My tracking code is still not correct, my gimmick wont be with me as Ryan is ill and nobody could be bothered to tell me. Good job I'm not still holding my breath from the other day!

Another Skater boy who is useless! As for Ryan, I can only think he got his fingers run over and cant email me to inform me of his situation!

And the best bit? I have yet to phone dad and break the news! I know this will then lead into a full blown discussion, that will go on and and on! Therefore, I shall go into battle armed with a large bottle of wine. This of course, purely for pain reduction!

May you evening be merry and brighter than mine!

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

The skate park must be closed!

Due to the bad weather we have been experiencing last night and today, Someone may have closed the skate park!

The reason I say this, is due to the fact, they are replying to the emails we have sent them over the last two days!Plus things have changed on the first draft website page.

Now don't get excited,they haven't answered all the questions in the mails, nor have they gone beyond the speed of a snail with regards to the progression of the website, but hey their doing something, which makes a bloody change!

The work increase could also be due to the rather firm, yet, not so polite email my dad sent them. Once this was received, we both started to get emails, I even got one with a deadline!

Although I have a deadline from him, I'm not going to get excited, the skate park could reopen tomorrow and I could be left viewing emails regarding Viagra, hotels, holidays, facebook alerts and the odd friends joke of the day!

My week seems so busy this week, what with my own work, plus my dad's ever increasing list! Emails, researching paypal and google checkout, blogging, keeping on top of friends on facebook, SEO, plus of course running a home. I don't seem to have five minutes to wipe my own arse, let alone start reading my book I got for Christmas.

We are nearly in February. Evenings are starting to stay lighter for longer each day. Christmas seems like ages ago and I want a holiday already. Time seems to be going so fast. I have done a lot of work for dad, many things have happened in the short period and yet, we are still awaiting anything half deceit from the website company.

My skype seems to have also stopped working for some strange reason. I need to use it in a few days, over a period of a few weeks. Guess some how my PC is starting to read my mind (my fingers are glued to it for long enough and I stare at the screen for hours, so guess it could be possible). Obviously feeling I don't have enough to do, thought it would give me this problem to fix too.

Oh the phone is ringing again. I had better get on with other things or I wont get any peace tonight!

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Is it every going to get any better

I finally received an email from the website company late last night. I say late as it was 11.50pm.

I think he must of been half asleep when he replied to my mail, as it didn't tell me anything, neither did it really answer any of my questions. So when is my gimmick going to be ready? Your guess is as good as mine!

At least we know they haven't been bombed, disturbed by an earthquake, or in fact been burgled of their pc's.

Before we went to this company, dad did considered learning some of the coding languages and doing it himself, but thought better of it, due to time etc. Considering they are a company with plenty of experience within this sector, he obviously gave it to them.

With the time it's taking them to just get the launch page sorted, dad could have learnt one languages by now. If not two!

On a lighter and more funnier note, I thought I would post another email between, dad and his neighbour. As all this talk of nothing happening on the website is really depressing me and dad.

Dear Madam

It may have escaped your notice BUT.....since your arrival at Pandora some considerable years ago our life has been one misery after another.

If it isn't your dogs jumping the fence to deposit their shit ALL OVER our Wimbledon type's those bloody noisy ducks quacking and squawking every time someone dares to enter our property....or if it's not that......its that damned Bo leaping once more over the fence to knock on our door wanting a safe refuge..... and finally.....if it's not any of the above.....IT'S you....leaping ( I use that term very loosely as age has clearly taken it toll) our fence to beg borrow or steal all manner of things....including lumps of coal........!!!!!!!!!

Quite frankly my dear wife and I have just about had enough..... Up to this point in time we have remained remarkably charitable towards you and your family, indeed in the words of a certain lager company......We are probably the best neighbours in the world.......

But even neighbours as nice as us have our limits....and ours have been reached....

Please take notice...I intend to bring to the attention of the Village do gooders committee your disorderly community conduct and I am sure they will back me by implementing and enforcing whatever ancient feudal laws exist in order to return our once peaceful village to how it was before you arrived all those many years ago....

P.S. If I so much as hear one more quack or the single crow of a cockerel they will be removed from your garden forthwith and place in a very hot oven to live out the rest of their days.....

Yours most sincerely

The nice neighbours who've suffered years of hell

Dear Excuse for a Neighbour.

Further to your earlier email today, I would like to point out that the animals I have accumulated over the years that I have been your kind and generous neighbour, have been for good reason.

As you will be aware, Bo is a dog that no one else wanted, indeed, I have offered her to you (with bows on) on various occasions, as companion for your lonely, friendless existence, but due to your dislike for all things, you declined. My elderly almost blind dog has gone that way due to having to make eye contact with the nasty man over the fence.

With regard to those delightful ducks, you may noticed that two of them are lame and I saved them from being, throttled, stripped of their feathers and placed in a hot oven for some ignorant person's bazaar selfish gratification.

I have taken the decision to set up as a charitable trust and therefore will be asking you to make a regular contribution by direct debit and a possible legacy in your Will. I strongly believe that you should contribute, as you and those lovely children (who are unfortunate in that they have you as grandfather) benefit greatly from my animals as they have the luxury of integrating with them at close quarters. I'm also thinking of charging for this life enriching experience by a toll gate at the bottom of your garden.

Further, when you next choose to darken my door, I will be charging for coffee.

Yours sincerely,

The Animals Against Neighbours Society

Monday, 19 January 2009

Why cant people communicate?

Today has been a really crappy day! I'm cheesed off, pissed off and all the other off you can think of!

I had to write an email again today to the website company, regarding the email that I sent on Friday, to which I'm still awaiting a response too. Guess what, I'm still awaiting a response on today's email too! What is wrong with these people?

Has their phone lines gone down, have they been burgled and have no PCs to email on, has an earthquake happened and their office is no longer standing, or is it just the fact the weather was fine and they all went to the skate park?

Whatever it is, the reason for their lack of communication is at a total loss to me and of course grumpy, who now has good reason to be grumpy! I'm so angry I feel like burning down their local skate park if I thought it would make them work!

I'm also cheesed off as I have a very expensive bracelet, which broke on me today. Not a happy bunny. All I did was make the bed and it flip off. Just great!

On the brighter side, I had my meeting with the local radio station today regarding advertisement. As you maybe aware advertisement is never a cheap thing, but its the only way of getting in front of a large audience.

I think we are going to go with sponsoring one of the DJ's slots plus we get a free banner on their website for for 12 months, which will link itself to our website. That's if we ever getting the website launched! We will have four adverts going out per day, plus we will pay for a few to go out at other times of the day too.

We will be on at prime time, so hopefully we shall be heard. Plus our website name is catchy and easy to remember.

Obviously this will only been going out to people within our area. Next step is to look further a field and go

I am hoping tomorrow will be a better day, I hope to a response to my email, I also hope they pull their finger out and get some work done on the launch page and the website. Otherwise, me grumpy and the other dwarfs will be going down there to sort it out!

With regards to the emails I posted yesterday regarding my dad and his neighbour, I hope you enjoyed it and shall post another one tomorrow. Dad on the other hand feels it isn't funny to expose him in this light and feels he should get solicitors involved to sue us! lol

This will never happen, as his neighbour will finish her course and exam this week and will then be qualified to section him under the mental health act! I have agreed that she can do this and in return have offered her the use of his hot tub as the new duck pond!

What a crappy day!

Sunday, 18 January 2009

A neighbours point of view

As you all know, I have a dad crossed between victor Meldrew and the father from my family.

I know I have given you my view, as to what it is like to be a daughter to him, now I thought it a good idea to give a view from a neighbour!

Below is a email from my dad to his neighbour and a reply.

Good evening from neighbour of the year!!!

Having spoken briefly to your daughter this evening it pleases me to hear you are shacked up in some kind of concentration camp type halls of residence accommodation. It further pleases me to know you are NOT enjoying yourself and that you even have to HARDWIRE your laptop.....such a shame.

The purpose of this mail? No purpose whatsoever, other than to say how quiet and peaceful it's been these past days...that is aside from a bloody crowing cockerel who seems to think he needs to crow before sun up.....and a pair of hound which would put the Baskerville name to shame......

I trust your leave of absence will be extended and that indeed the village might yet see 2009 through without it's most annus horrendous resident.

PS.....If you are worried your absence will leave your garden looking a little unkempt, don' reached that stage about a year ago....

Best wishes for a continued camp like experience

The village's favourite neighbour

Neighbours reply

Dear Old Bastard Next Door

I am residing in student accommodation in salubrious Cirencester, mixing with the rich. As you will be aware, some of us are young enough to be students ~ whilst others have hung up their tool belt and gone into late retirement.

I did actually inform the poorly treated woman that tolerates you of this fact, but obviously your ears are so old, the words probably couldn't penetrate when she told you. In fact, your wife kindly offered your services to help with the animals should my dear daughters need assistance. With this in mind, would you take the dogs out for a 10 mile walk tomorrow please???

You do look like you need the exercise, so you wouldn't actually be doing me a favour, but, yet again, I would be doing a favour for you.

I also need to inform you that I have had many NICE cards and good wishes sent to me form the good people of our village, stating that the rest from my continually aggravating neighbour would do me a lot of good ~ despite all the law studying I have to undertake and exam next Tuesday ~ it's a holiday.

Well, I must go now, I need to get out of my single bed and lean out of the window and have a cigarette ~ oh student life is fun!!.

I'm back here next week as well, so I'll try to avoid you at the w/e

Best wishes

The Neighbour and student from heaven

I have more emails between then, but will post these at a later date. Hope this gives you some insight!

Saturday, 17 January 2009

An lovely day

It was lovely to wake up this morning, when my body and brain was ready too. Rather than being forced too at some early hour, then work, work and yes more work.

Today I went shopping, brought myself some nice face products and finally got my picture back from the framing shop.

I had a really nice lunch with my partner, before coming home to see some family members not seen in a while. Within twenty minutes my brother couldn't resist the temptation any longer and had to get the guitar hero world tour out!

With me on drums, bro on guitar and partner on bass, we turned ourselves into rock demons and played like animals for about an hour. Having played this game for a while now, I have decided I need a new large telly with a good surround system! I want to entertain the whole of my village, not just a small part of it!

Dad has darkened my day with lists of things to do etc, yes on a Saturday! I have let myself in for a fall tomorrow and said I would go over. I need to chat about what questions he may have for the radio guy coming on Monday, as I'm sure there will be a few.

Plus I have to show him everything to do with the analytics I have done, plus maybe go over the rest of the errors etc on the draft website page. Neither of us have gone over the management part yet, as there is so much of it!

I don't know, never any rest for the wicked, not even on a Sunday!

My picture is now on the wall, I have chocolate, wine and nice nibbles in for this evening. Daughter of darkness is out the for the night, so a peaceful evening in with the other half is planned, maybe even a DVD.

Friday, 16 January 2009

We finally have the first draft!

Been one of those days again today!

Had my own work to do until 1pm today. Then I had to crack on with some stuff for dad!

After a while this afternoon, I thought I would look over the launch page, via the link I have. Shock horror, things had changed. However not everything.

I rang grumpy to see if he was aware of this and he wasn't. So we went through a check again and low and behold everything now looks and works fine on safari, but not on Internet explorer or FireFox! Just great.

Dad emailed them with the problems again, we are still awaiting a fix, which won't happen now till next week. I would recommend that you don't hold your breath though!

Not including this weekend I have waited two weeks now for a gimmick. As you maybe aware, on Wednesday, I received via email, a head of the gimmick so far. Since then nothing!

So I decided to write an email to him, explaining my disappointment, with no further developments. I have seen the work this skater boy can do and I know he can do far more, much quicker than what I am getting.

That was at 2pm today. I am still awaiting a response! Great customer service ahh!

At 6pm today, I rang grumpy to see if he had heard anything, shock horror again, three days late he has received the first draft of the website! Yippeeee at long last.

With excitement I waited for dads email to arrive, I opened the link and.........

I was very pleased with what my eyes have seen so far. Even grumpy was, so that's saying something!

A lot of it was functional, most of the buttons worked, however not everything with the text information was right, but that's easy to sort out, we hope!

We have a management system in place, so we can do things to the website ourselves when its up and running. This too has a lot in place already.

I'm not saying everything is wonderful and all the bells jingly, but considering communication so far, I was expecting far worse than this.

Having not met the website developer, I cant pass comment on, if he too is a skater boy, but what I do think, is this guy must have pressure upon him.

He has been working on it for two weeks now, alone. We also know we aren't the only customers. If the skater boys could have the ethos of this, what a more enjoyable journey this would be!

The weekend is upon us now. I plan a nice hot bath and this missed Dexter from last night for this evening. Grumpy will be looking over the website with a fine tooth comb and I will have wine in one hand and chocolate in the other. Good night.X

Thursday, 15 January 2009

A long, long day

I cant wait for bedtime, I feel like I have been awake for years!

Why so tired I hear you ask? My other half, would say better, but that's not how I feel about him at the moment. Decided to be a fidget arse in bed last night and keep cuddling me. Topping it off was the wind outside that kept shaking the window. At one point all I needed was a ticking clock and I would have got up!

Don't get me wrong, I like a cuddle before sleep, but once I'm there I need space. I cant be doing with someone super gluing themselves to me and breathing at me all night. I get to hot and bothered. So all in all not a good nights sleep. As for the weather, hurry up and get to the summer time! Please.

My day started at 7am and I didn't finish until 4pm and that was just doing my own work. I'm still in the middle of doing dads work and shall be for a while yet. Plus of course cook tea, have a shower and maybe talk to my partner tonight, oh and have just been informed I have to go to tescos!

As for TV, I might get chance to watch Dexter, however with these heavy eyelids, I may well be asleep by then. Will have to record it just in case.

Dad still hasn't had the first draft of the website. And the nuisance calls keep coming!

He has discovered that if he goes to the link for the yet to be launch page, within his email, he can see what further developments have taken place. As you can imagine. Not a lot! I get the impression they do 20 minutes on each clients website and then head for the skate park for a few hours.

I have images of dad starring at the computer screen, with smoke coming out of his ears, snot from his nose (due to man flu) face turning reader than blood itself and ranting like you have never heard. Then that's when he gets on the phone to me. So glad I don't live there, or even next door!

Me and dad did a test today. I run on FireFox, mum runs on Internet explorer and dad on safari. The launch page works fine on FireFox and Internet explorer, but of course it had to be, that it doesn't work properly on safari. Just great!

All my questions regarding my gimmick have been answered today. That's all though, no finished product to report. Guess he is down the skate park too!

Really starting to question what they are doing! If it is taking this long to sort out a gimmick and a launch page, how long will it take to do the website, database, content management system and all the other jingly bits?

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

My gimmick is nearly done

At 5.15 today, I received my gimmick. So far it has a head and a hand holding a card. I'm expecting to get the finished product tomorrow, but these are skater boys I'm dealing with, so more like Friday.

I'm very pleased with the look so far, but was expecting to see the finished product, after all I have been waiting one and a half weeks now!

I suppose I have to respect the fact it is being done by a skater boy, if a female skater chick was doing it, then I would have got it days ago.

Grumpy git didn't get to see the first draft today, nor did he get any communication as to why, maybe the phone signal at the skate park isn't very good. He has moaned, moaned, and moaned, over and over again. I'm still considering getting BT to block his number!

I understand his frustration, I myself am getting annoyed at the fact my gimmick is taking so long. Appreciation of the fact we aren't the only customers, but communication is required to obtain a good, if not excellent customer service level.

As most people know, it easy to get a bad reputation, but very hard to maintain a good one. Lets hope their other customers aren't as frustrated as us.

Grumpy is still going through the man flu! To us females, he has the sniffles! To him, hes is dying (I wish he would hurry My mum had the day off work today, god how she wished she hadnt, now I know why the wine rack is always so low. I myself have taken to drink since working for him!

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Men why can't they listen!

As you may have read, at Christmas I broke my car door handle, due to the frost. As you may also know, a mechanic came to my rescue and helped me.

When he arrived to my rescue, he checked the door and informed me that I need a new handle. So when I booked the car into the garage for an mot last week, I told them I needed a new handle and to order it and fit it for me.

When I took the car in this week for the mot, he informed me that he hadn't ordered the part, as it could be something else and would wait until he had taken the panel off.

They have done this today and low and behold, I was right, I did need a handle! Now I have to wait for it to arrive, be sprayed to match the car and then be fitted.

This isn't going to happen until next week, which is no good to me as the mot will run out this Friday. Just great!

If he had done what was asked of him, I would be sorted now and getting in my car like normal people do!

With regards to work, 9am this morning I spoke with someone from a radio station, about marketing and costs. He took my details and said he would send me some information via email.

Five minutes ago he rang to say his email isn't getting to me and keeps coming back not valid. I asked him to confirm my email, for it only to be wrong. How hard is it to write an email address down? At least he managed the phone number.

When I did finally get the information, it was just about how wonderful they are and what they can do for us etc. I already know this, that's why I've gone to them in the first place.

I should be getting my gimmick tomorrow and dad should be able to see the first draft of the website. Lets just hope they have listened to what I have asked of them. Otherwise I will seriously start to wonder if any man can follow a simple instruction!

Someone asked me today if the word genuine and female go together. Yes it was a man who asked this question! I would like him to know, all of my friends are genuine and some of them are even blonde!

It staggers me, that I can statistically see in just six hours genuine and male don't go in the same sentence at all!

Monday, 12 January 2009

Wonderful weather

What wonderful weather we have. So windy last night, I woke up more times than I care to remember.

The car was booked in at 10am this morning for an MOT, plus I had to take daughter of darkness to the doctors, as she has gone deaf in one ear. So I drove to tescos, to get everything I needed, went to the bank then came home to drop the shopping off.

Weather was fine. But as soon as I had dropped the car off and had to walk home, the heavens opened. By the time I had done the 15 minute walk home, I was soaked.

One and a half hours later, its still raining and we have to do a 15 minute walk in it again to the doctors! Just great sitting in a doctors surgery soaking wet surrounded by sick people.

Anyway, the good news was the car only failed on the door handle that I broke over Christmas, so should be sorted tomorrow. Will be nice to get into the car in a normal fashion again!

In between my strolls in the rain, I have sorted out my headset for the phone, which is great. Worked on SEO and done my own work. I started at 8am and its now 6pm. More than enough hours spent working today and I'm still not finished.

Still waiting on the launch page to be finished and error free. I haven't got my gimmick yet, hope to see it this week though, so as you can imagine, grumpy isn't happy, plus he has man flu, so glad i don't have to live with him.

Well time for tea, shame my partner isn't a cook, would be so nice for him to cook for a change. He has only cooked for me once and that was enough, don't let him near the kitchen now unless its to get me chocolate or wine.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Home again

We had a lovely evening last night rocking out hard to guitar hero world tour! This is the best thing since slice bread! However I'm guessing due to the late night of it (11.30pm) I bet the neighbours don't think so. Do we care about the noise we made? do we F.....

Me and my friend are great lovers of Mr Kipling's french fancies and yesterday in Morrison's, we found a giant pink one! Its was the most enjoyable cake we've had in a long time, yum yum!

I'm now back home preparing myself for a busy week ahead, dad will be on the phone I expect first thing tomorrow with orders and endless lists! I now have, thanks to my friend a headset for the telephone, so now I can work and talk on the phone for hours without getting neck ache!

Thanks for a lovely weekend guys, I enjoyed the food, games, company and draining your brains of knowledge!

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Rocking out large!

What a night! We didn't go to bed until midnight, stayed up watch Lee Evans, So funny! My friends lives in a mid terrace house next to people with children. Both boys aged 8 and 10.

Well at midnight last night, they were both still awake banging and shouting like you have never heard! Took ages for them to shut up, at one point I thought about banging on the wall, but I didn't want to hurt myself. Couldn't believe the parents didn't come in and shout at them or something, youth of today!

6.30am I was woken by the shouting and banging all over again! such a joyous start to the weekend! So in the end I got up. Only to come down the stairs and be greeted by dog sick!

The rest of the day hasn't been much of a success either. We did a dummy launch of the rocket, to make sure all was functioning properly, however in mid flight it blew up, so back to the drawing board. We didn't have time to build a robot, so because the dog pissed me off this morning, we are going to send him instead. Just got to train him to follow commands for flag flying!

Friday, 9 January 2009

I have escaped

I have managed to get away from grumpy git for the weekend! He doesn't have my friends number, I'm over 100 miles away and to top it off my signal on my mobile is crap here!

I have managed to avoid him for most of the day, busy doing my own work running around like a headless chicken and packing to come away for the weekend. However he did manage to catch me for half an hour today only to give me more orders and a list of things to do on my return.

I already have an endless list of things to do once the launch page is up and running, let alone all the other things he is asking me to do. If anyone out there has a cloning machine that they would like to lend me, please leave your details in the comment box below.

Planning on rocking out this evening, as my friend is also an avid fan of guitar hero and has world tour on the playstation 3 (and guitar hero 2 on XBox 360!). We have a busy day ahead of us tomorrow, hopefully filled with playing games, shopping, eating, drinking oh and building a space rocket and a robot for grumpy gits marketing campaign!

Rock hard, rock loud, rock animal.....

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Things are happening slowly

What a day, I feel totally knackered! I think I need to catch up with all the sleep I missed out on, when I was ill. I have the weekend for that though, no chance while grumpy git is on my case.

We finally got the launch page today, which needs adjustments, then hopefully it will be ready to go, hopefully tomorrow, if not Monday. My guess is Monday. As you can imagine, dad wants tomorrow!

I still haven't heard back about my gimmick, I just hope to get something by tomorrow, or that will be another thing he will have to moan about over the weekend. Lucky for me I'm away for the weekend building space rockets, so may not hear the phone over the noise level of brain power!

We hope to see a draft of the website on Wednesday next week, so lets hope things are going well and dad gets to see quite a lot to keep him happy, if not that will be more moaning!

I have told him and so have they, that everything wont be working yet, Rome wasn't built in a day, but the impatient git expects it all and wants it all NOW! Makes you wonder sometimes, how has my mother coped with him for all these years!

My ethos is if you need a job doing well, get a woman, it will take time for perfection, but its worth it! Just a shame its being done by men, but lets hope they somehow manage to have the same ethos!

I'm still stuck in the realms of SEO, Great fun, interesting, but the most time consuming thing since peeling sprouts and crossing them for 200 people!

Anyway woop woop to tomorrow, lets hope I get my gimmick back and dad gets the launch page done!

Wednesday, 7 January 2009


Firstly I would like to thank everyone who has started reading my blog today. Huge thanks indeed! Lovely to know that I'm not writing this for nothing! You may wonder how I know I have new readers? This is down to the joy of Google analytics!

I have been having fun and games today with my dad over the website! Firstly we are still waiting for the information on the coding and the launch page. Plus I haven't heard anymore regarding the gimmick for the site, other than he is still working on it.

As you can imagine, this pleases my dad immensely! I've had him moaning and groaning, but at the end of the day I cant do anything about them communicating better. He needs to take a chill pill.

His main concern at the moment is getting in front of enough people to market the promotion of the launch. He said I should contact GMTV and try and get on the show. Like I want to get up at stupid O'clock and go on the telly!

Then, because I like the Chris Moyles show, I should contact them too. If only this would work, we could market to thousands.

But unfortunately, I'm not a sob story, a pop star or some famous actress. Although I could be a sob story, if they knew how my dad treated

So Mr Ben Sheppard or Mr Chris Moyles, if you're out there reading this, give me a shout!

I see where my dad is coming from, but we have to live in the real world! So my friend and I put our female minds together and came up with the ultimate solution!

This weekend we are going to build a space rocket and a remote controlled robot. When she goes to the states in two weeks time, she will pop down to NASA and launch it!

Once it lands on the moon, our robot, that's inside, will get out and place a flag on the moon, with our website name on it. illuminating for all to see.

The fact we have done this will also spark mass media and press attention all over the globe, insuring we will never have to advertise the website again.

Us woman, we can do anything when we put our minds to it!

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Life is flowing through my bones again

I am pleased to say I'm feeling much better now and hope I never have to face that again. Dad spoke with me early this morning and once he knew I was in full working order, my workload increased.

I've been in contact with the design company, regarding a gimmick for part of the website. I gave him a detailed description of what I wanted via email last night and he got back to me first thing this morning.

Within two emails, we both seem to be singing from the same hymn sheet. Will be nice if first design is good to go, not like the website design.

We haven't heard anymore about the initial website page, or the coding done so far. Lets hope we hear from them tomorrow, otherwise that will be more moaning from the grumpy old git.

Today I've mainly been researching Google analytics, seonurse, site optimisation and listening to my dad on the phone for hours moaning and giving orders. My life is so exciting, I could pee myself!

Google analytics is great, gives so much information. Have it on my blog now and in time will have it as part of the website too.

Site optimisation is very time consuming, but great if you can do all the bits required. Lots of reading involved and keeping up to date with things, but can be done in no time at all once your on top of everything. Shame I'm not at that stage yet.

Going to call it a night now and get into the realms of soaps, before hopefully having a good nights sleep.

Monday, 5 January 2009

Giving birth to a kidney stone

As you know from my last blog, I was suffering with immense pain. After a few hours, I couldn't take it any longer and went to A&E.

I didn't have long to wait as I had already rang them and spoke with a doctor to give him an idea of what was wrong with me. He seemed to think it could be renal colic and wanted me to come up straight away, with a little pee sample. He made an appointment for me and within 20 minutes I was seen.

The Doctor I had spoken to however, was not the one that I seen. Instead it was someone who didn't seem to give a dame and wanted to go home.

I went over everything all over again, got prodded and poked and 20 minutes later he said he was unsure what it could be.

"It could be appendicitis, it could be your ovaries, or it could be a kidney stone. Best thing is to go home, if the pain gets any worse then go to the A&E at Bath or Yeovil as they will be able to run more tests than I can".

So I went home none the wiser. I didn't think it could be appendicitis or ovaries, however kidney stones could be a possibility. I googled renal colic, and by the symptoms it mentioned, I thought it could well be.

Today I felt a little better, the pain is still there but it's much more bearable. I felt I still need to know what was wrong, so I rang my doctors and made an appointment.

Told him everything, did a wee wee test and came back as kidney stones. Why the doctor I seen yesterday couldn't tell me this, I don't know.

I'm taking pain killers, and should feel better within a few days. I have been told to see if I can catch the stone as I pass it. Just great. I'm expecting to give birth to a golf ball!

Dad has been sympathetic for about 2.5 seconds today, before telling me at least this hasn't effected my finger tips, therefore I can still do some work for him. So that's what Ive mainly been doing, along with watching day time TV. Thanks ITV for This morning and loose women!

Here is a link to renal colic

Saturday, 3 January 2009

I feel like poo

Yesterday evening, around 6.30pm I started to get toothache. I knew it was due to the lost of a filling over Christmas, so thought taking 2 hardcore paracetamol would do the trick.

Three hours later, the pain was still there, if not increasing, so I took two more. Around 11pm I went to bed, still in pain. At 1.40am, I had enough of just lying there in immense pain, and took two more.

By 4.00am, not only was my head throbbing away, but now my back was killing me and my stomach was hurting. Every time the pain was in my back, so it would also be in my stomach. The pain was also making me feel sick, even though I knew I wasn't going to be.

Then I started to think not only did I have raging toothache, but now I'm going down with a kidney infection too. I have a wonderful memory foam mattress so I know it wouldn't be this, that was giving me really bad back and stomach pains.

At 6.00am I couldn't take it anymore and woke my partner to moan to him about how bad I felt. His response was go be sick then, then come back to bed and take it easy. Thank the lord I didn't have a hammer in my hand at this point.

Any how, he went to work this morning, while I have been in pain. The list of things I wanted to do has gone out the window. Apart from cleaning the house. Which hasn't been easy with the back.

I rung the dentist help line. They managed to make me an appointment for tomorrow, but I have to drive over an hour to get there. I can now see I have an abscess so hopefully they will give me drugs to relive the pain. Although since I booked the appointment the pain has now gone.

The back and stomach pain is still in full swing. It feels just like being in labour. Strong pains that come and go. If it doesn't go away soon, I will go to A & E, as this isn't normal and no, I cant be pregnant! It maybe just lack of food yesterday and the 6 pills have caused some sort of reaction. I just know it f**k** hurts.

I was going to have a nice long soak in the bath tonight, in hope to help the back pain, but the dentist helpline, said no heat around the face as this can make the abscess worse. Just great!

Friday, 2 January 2009

Normal life again

Life is slowly turning back to normal. We took all the decorations down today and put them away. I have done what feels like enough washing for a small Island and of course fitted in a few hours of guitar hero.

Tomorrow I plan to spring clean the house, get the car cleaned inside and out, plus get rid of the old car and get to the post office. I also need to pick up a picture that I got framed. Nice picture of the first ever Starbucks in Seattle. Lets hope there are enough hours in the day tomorrow to fit it all in. Oh yes and I have the ironing for a small Island to do!

My daughter knows this is the plan of actions tomorrow, so being teenage daughter of darkness, she has considerately decided to stay at a friends tonight, so not to get roped into helping tomorrow.! Kids such a joy they bring to your life!

Headquarters grumpy git, has been on the phone today, giving me orders. I ignored the first ring, as I was in the middle of an important solo piece on guitar hero! However I had to respond to the next or it wouldn't of stopped. I cant have the telephone ringing while playing guitar. Doesn't sound right!

I am thinking I might have to contact BT and see if there is a way of getting him done for stalking, I'm sure I can. I know I can get his number

I plan to take it easy this evening, watch the soaps, eat chocolate and have a drinky poo's or two. Need to save all my energy for tomorrow. I know in grumpy headquarter land, this is unexceptable, but that's life!

Thursday, 1 January 2009

New years day and no hangover, yippeee

The new year is now with us, my festive season is nearly over. I Had a lovely New Years eve, brought in with family, friends and Elton John. Even had a bit of Will Young too, oh my mum would be pleased.

I'm so glad I didn't wake up with the normal New Years day hangover, however had this of happened, it wouldn't of been a bad thing. I have my lovely mother and grumpy dad coming for dinner today, so had I had a hangover, they would of been cooking for

Well I had better pull my finger out and start preparing for dinner. Happy new year everyone!