Monday, 20 April 2009

Technical problems

As you can see I currently have a rather large header running across the top of my blog. This is due to me trying to change my blog to the new logo to match the website, but it went wrong. There isn't anything I can do to rectify this until tomorrow. I need the developer to upload a new image to the server and then it should work, I hope.

All very technical, but basically I'm pointing my blogger HTML code header to the header for the website. Unfortunately the website header is bigger than what I need for the blog, hence the over stretched header! I feel like heading my head into the heading table!

I'm also going to put a facebook group together, for to tell all about the new site and how to register.I hope to do this in the next few days, all being well. At some point we may start running promotional codes for you to gain further benefits at the dealgrabba website. Feel free to join the group and become a follower to dealgrabba and show your support.

In the meantime we are still waiting for the amendments to finalise and then we should go live, all being well, this Friday.

On a funny note, Dad had to have a tooth pulled out today. The female dentists asked dad what he had planned this afternoon. "Why are you asking me out for lunch" he replied. "No" replied the dentists. "Well, I'm going home to mow the garden" replied dad, why? Well after having a tooth extraction you must not over do it. So on that note dad went home and done nothing. However he didn't follow the not drinking hot drinks or not smoking rule, Men!

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