Thursday, 30 April 2009

I'm going away!

This weekend I'm off to see friends. I know the company will be great, the food will be fab and the drinks will be flowing all weekend, Can't wait!

I think we might rock out over the weekend, maybe do a little shopping and if we are really lucky the sun will shine upon us and we shall turn into beautiful glowing ladies, however my friend may well take on a more lobster type

I would like to think that come Tuesday all the website problems will be sorted and we shall start the next mission of many. I could win the lottery this weekend, should this be the case, I think I shall take myself, kids, partner and my winning to a remote Island, wifi free and live a peaceful and happy life, like the Robinson's. I know this would mean no more blogs from me update people on my new life, but at least you would know I was happy.........

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