Thursday, 9 April 2009

Dealgrabba pre launch is nearly here!

I've been busy the last few days as dad has been away, so I have taken on his work load too, which I must say isn't a lot!

Emails have been bouncing back and forth between the website developer and me regarding SEO, coding, reports, timescales and the pre launch design. We have even had a 40 minute telephone conversation. So lovely to work with people so responsive and helpful.

All being well the pre launch page will be ready tomorrow and we can view it over the weekend. The clocks are coming along nicely. The developer currently has 10 running on a page and all running correctly. We should be able to see this for ourselves either over the weekend or Monday of next week.

Should we be happy with the pre launch site, then we will go live either Monday or Tuesday of next week and Phase one of our missions will be completed, only four more to go. The full website should be up and running in about 60 days. We were going to go with a .com address but because we are UK based we have decided to go with the address instead.

The developer and I had a great chat this afternoon about SEO, Geeky stuff and general life. When we started working with these guys, for some reason dad thought they were from Brighton. Due to the fact both were men and from Brighton dad decided to come to the stereotypical way of thinking, they must be gay to live in Brighton. How wrong could dad be....

For a start they don't come from Brighton so who knows were dad got that idea from and secondly he is not someone to look at and even have those thoughts. Turns out he is a Goth, married and with a son, he is also a boy/girl scout leader in his spare time. Because I felt the conversation was going well between us, I choose to tell him of my dad's thought. He couldn't stop laughing and said he was far from gay, but he couldn't speak for his mate. Anyhow, He sent me a link tonight to his Myspace profile. OMG. he makes Marilyn Manson look like Bambi!

We post tomorrow with more updates. tra for now.....

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