Sunday, 19 April 2009

A beautiful day

I've spent a wonderful relaxing weekend chilling out. Saturday I went shopping with daughter of darkness. I brought pink curtains for my bedroom to go with the rest of the bedding set, I also brought a picture for my bedroom, some seat pads for the dining chairs and some new cushions for the sofa. Daughter of darkness has got herself a webcam; let's hope she not doing naughties with it!

Sunday has been even better, the weather has been wonderful and I've done as little as possible. Once I got my domestic goddess chorus out the way, I spent the afternoon in the garden reading a book "greatest unsolved crimes" and listening to the birds singing. I think I even saw a pair of birds at it. My boyfriends worries himself that once day he too could be a murder statics, due to the amount of criminal things I watch and read.

Anyhow on a more serious note, me and dad did some testing over the weekend, a few errors still outstanding, plus we have made some further amendments. Unsure how long it will take for this to be sorted out, but I think pre launch site will go live next week.

Once this happens my life will turn busy again for a while. I've so much ahead of me, which needs to be done once we go live. I want to improve the dealgrabba ranking and of course increase traffic to the pre launch site. I also have lots of other SEO related stuff to do, which is oh so exciting. As for dad, well again, I wonder what is he doing........

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