Saturday, 25 April 2009

Why are emails such a pain sometimes?

We are still going bonkers over the emails, not bonkers at the website developers, but bonkers/Gaga because some search engines like Yahoo mail, BT and a few others don't seem to like us for some reason. You get a mail, but it will go into your spam, or you get an email but no logo. Things haven't changed. This isn't down to the website developer, he's working hard to try and sort the problem, it's just the servers, why isn't life ever simple?

I've worked all day today, giving up a windy, wet, and cold Saturday to work on SEO, what a socially exciting life I have. Tomorrow being Sunday, a day of rest, I think that's just what I shall be doing, before another busy week begins.

I plan to visit my parents tomorrow, they don't know it yet, but I'm sure they will love the experience. Dad has already been complaining about his ears bleeding through all the phone calls from me today, but in defence, There was a time when he was doing it to me, great how role reversal comes around and bites us on the bottom! I have been keeping him informed of my progress today, and making demands for money, to which I'm still waiting for!

I'm hoping by Tuesday if not sooner I shall be able to give a link to the website and you can have a look, register and even refer a friend or two. Or you might hate it, and never go there again.

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