Monday, 6 April 2009

Week three

I've not posted for a few days as I haven't had anything to write about. We're now entering week three with the new website developers and things are going along slowly. The developer has made a start on the registration page but not sure about the other pages as yet, as I have only seen this one.

The pre launch site always had three pages, main, registration and the confirmation page. I do believe this has now change to a main page, registration page and a confirmation page combined with a refer friends section. I'm assuming that while he is doing this the other developer is working on the back end.

We received the new logo today from the illustrator. The first one we received was horrendous. The colour had changed for some reason to a sickly orange and his facial expression was hideous. Anyhow dad got back to her and clarified what he wanted and she came back to him within a few hours with amendments. So I think the logo is now completed and should soon be added to the pre launch page. The illustrator still needs to do all of the other images we need, I'm not sure when we shall get to view these as she hasn't given us any idea of timescale.

Easter will be upon us this weekend, which means this and next week will be a short working one. I'm unsure if anything more is going to happen this week while the developer is working on the pre launch page, but if I get any exciting news I shall post it on my blog.

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