Tuesday, 7 April 2009

My 100th posting!

Nothing much to report today, apart from the fact this is my 100th post. One hundred posts of me rambling on about a site called dealgrabba that is still nowhere to be seen!

I've been busy working out what I would like the website developers to do for me regarding my SEO and have emailed some details to them. I've not heard anything back from them, so hopefully I will tomorrow. Most of the work I require them to do, isn't urgent, but thought I would get it to them for a later date.

Some sad news to report today. My friend Shelly was looking forward to a Holiday in Canada this year for three long glorious weeks. Staying in her dad's place and visiting the local area. I say local, most of the drives are 4-8 hours long, but that's local out there. Anyhow, she called me today to say, the house her dad has out there caught on fire last night. It would seem that the tenant came home from work with friends, lit the fire and then went out onto the decking to drink beer.

While chatting away with friends they soon noticed sparks and flames coming from the chimney, so got a ladder to take a look, they could see a hole in the chimney pipe and that there was a fire between the roof and the lower timber. After chucking a few buckets of water down, they soon realised it wasn't going to go out, so the fire brigade was called. One very long hour later the fire was put out.

No one can now enter the property, the tenant is homeless and everything within the property is buggered. To top it off they have a basement, so currently all the water that was pumped into the house to put the fire out, is now resting there. That's not all, nothing is now supporting the main timbers, so in effect the property could still collapsed. The fire inspector will be going round to find out the cause of the fire, then the insurance company to deal with the claim. In the meantime if they get any snow or rain that too will be entering the house until something can be done to cover what is left of the roof!

Shelly was hoping to go away in August, but they will be lucky if anything is dry by then, let alone fixed and live able. Never mind Shell, we can always go away for a holiday instead!

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