Wednesday, 1 April 2009


Today has been sorting out the logo day. As you know we are starting from scratch, which is driving me bonkers.

The web developer started it off with his idea this morning, to which dad's opinion was it looks utter shit! Reminds me of the books kids have when they first learn to read. Blocks with letters in A,B,C, type of thing. So that was the web developer's idea out the window.

Then came dad's turn, who doesn't really know what he wants and is just clutching at new ideas, He managed to put one to paper and email it to me, which I didn't like, the rest of his brain storming ideas were given to me over the phone, all of which I believed to be utterly shit!

My turn. I have a very creative mind once in the right mood and I just so happened I was in that place. I have asked for the font to be bubbled, and for the little man to be squeezing/grabbing the logo. I feel the little man then fit together nicely and it all makes perfect sense. The web developer thought yet again this was a good idea. Once again daddy's little genius comes to the rescue to save two idiots from any further distress. I should have put pen to paper with my ideas before he tries to pass them off as his own, but I don't have the time to being do this when I have more than enough things to be doing already. What is my dad doing I hear you ask, I still don't know, is the answer!

Regarding work, I linked my blog to other blog rolls yesterday and got a very positive result, over 60 hits yesterday. I'm not stupid, I know not everyone has visited my blog and found it to be what they are looking for, however hopefully if nothing else, maybe soon the name dealgrabba will start to stick in peoples head due to it being catchy, if nothing else.

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