Tuesday, 31 March 2009


I've received several emails today, all from dad; either directly to me, copied in, or forwarded emails from the website developers. After looking through the emails I note that all of my wonderful ideas, have now become his wonderful ideas, plagiarism I tell ya!

Considering this factor, it only leads me to believe more upon my thoughts yesterday and that is I'm a total female genius for him to be stealing all my ideas. With this in mind, I shall in future write all my ideas down, rather than telling him over the phone and have them copyrighted to me.

Men, really, where do they get off ever thinking they can surpass the female mind?

Anyway back to work, we have received the illustrated drawings today, so far, only two out of three have come through, so unless number three appears and blows our socks off, we shall be going with the slightly amended illustration...... number one.

Dad has given the web developers the details of what we want our new mascot to do and how we are going to incorporate it within the website, now it's down to them to get it sorted out. Can't wait to see something soon, just not sure at this stage how soon, soon is. I have a feeling things are moving along faster than we think. We are into the second week now, but I'm not really sure when or if things with the development has started, or if the developers are just sorting out the logo, layout and mascot at this stage. Although this work is being out sourced, so they could be doing other things. Plus we are having a domain issue at the moment, but that is currently being sorted out by the developers for us.

Dad is still stating the new incorporated look is all down to him, but I beg to differ. Should dad continue with this attitude, I shall have to tell him I quit and then we shall see how good the ideas keep flowing then.

Mother will be of no help to him what so ever. She doesn't understand anything beyond the use of the TV remote, the microwave or the telephone. This does not include a mobile phone as she never has this switched on, how she thinks people can contact her, I shall never no. Dad's other dependants/my siblings aren't as intelligent as me so again no help will be gained from asking them anything. He could ask my brother's girlfriend but she comes from up north so not point talking to her as dad can't understand a word she says. As for friends, he doesnt have any. So far as I know he can't find anyone to like him.

Talking of which you will all be pleased to know his neighbour has passed her exam. She should be able to get her warrant card in June. This will enable her to section people under the mental health act. What a day that will be. Balloons, drinks, foods, festive music and celebrations will be heard throughout the village as dad is carted off to the local looney bin!

Don't worry, this wont jeopardise anything to do with dealgrabba as I shall have total control over the website, management system and bank accounts by then.........

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