Tuesday, 23 December 2008

A woman always wins.....

You will be pleased to hear that after an afternoon with my dad yesterday, of me moaning about RED, he has gone with the green after all. I knew he would see sense in the end.

The web design is now approved and off for coding. We have to wait three weeks now till we get to see anything. As it's the Christmas season, for me it will fly by. For my dad well, every day will seem to drag.

I know he will moan and groan for these three weeks, however this will not effect me, only my mother. I only have to see him Christmas day and I have stocked myself well with wine for this occasion. The remaining time he will be with other family members (poor buggers), but mainly my poor mother will have to put up with him. There is a god after all!.lol

I would like to wish all my followers and friends a very merry Christmas, and I'm sure i shall blog again before the new year. x


Elly Russell said...

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Elly Russell said...

I'm glad to see you went with the green, a much nicer colour and more trusting.