Tuesday, 30 December 2008

I am a rock god....

Anyone out there who reads this, vital news! You must buy Guitar hero world tour!!

My nephew who is fifteen, came over today to join in the fun of Guitar hero world tour with me and my partner. We started playing at 10.30am and didn't stop until 3.30pm. The only reason we stopped was because I had to go food shopping. If this wasn't the cases, I would still be playing now.

Not only am I a rock goddess at playing the guitar, but I'm also like animal on the drums. Rock out wasn't the world for it! Think I will give the singing part a wide berth though.

Everything about this game ROCKS, it so addictive. When you like a song and someone screws it up thought (partner) you do start to lose your temper with them! lol

New Year tomorrow night, I think me and my band mates will be putting on a live perfomance for my housing estate, for free, which i'm sure they will love to bits! Requests not an option though.

Dad also popped round for a few minutes today. He thinks the game is mindless and stupid and doesnt like the fact it has got my attention more than working for him right now. Shame. Rock on dudes........

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