Monday, 8 December 2008

The Start of things to come

Where do i start. As you know I'm a 34 year old female helping my dad build a website. How did it all begin? After my parents came back from their three week holiday, dad came back to the fact the building/property market had taken a downward plummet, which unfortunately for him, put him out of work.

Dad being dad wasn't going to sit around doing nothing. I am very fortunate to have a dad who is amazing at turning his hand to anything and as we know, there aren't many of them men in this world! I'm not saying for one minute he can multi task or that every girl should have one, good god no! However he can do the following, fix a car, build a house, fit a kitchen, bathroom, plumbing, cook, wash up, the list goes on....... However as we know, all men have their downsides and he too has many of them. The list would be too long to write, so, as i have said before just imagine having a dad who is soooo close to the likeness and personality of Victor Meldrew crossed with the father in my family! I'm sure over time i shall be able to fill you in with all the delights of being a daughter to a man like that and what i have to put up with.

After some sleepless nights thinking and pondering on what to do for work, many, many debates over family meals and countless phone calls to me, he decided he wanted to build a website! As i was saying about downsides, my dad's C.V. of wonder' doesn't include web development!

Dad being dad does have some knowledge of web development, but that's it, just a little bit of knowledge. So that's where we begin. The start of building a website and somewhere along the line i have been roped in to help......

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