Monday, 29 December 2008

Still in the festive sprirt

Today was a day for shopping. I am no different to any other girl, when it comes to shopping I love it and do it very well. We had only been at the mall for an hour when all of the town centre was blocked off due to a bomb scare.

All though this at first worried my daughter, once she seen what the sales had to offer her in a different part of the town, it didn't seem to faze her for long. I came home with some wonderful things, including the guitar hero world tour kit. I have played it till my eyes were so sore they nearly bled. Oh how I love this game, it ROCKS!

However I was very angry to say the least, when after 20 minutes of waiting to be served with two wii remote, I was kindly told they no long had any in stock. I politely told the assistant to remove the boxes from the shelf, so no one else has to wait this long again!

No news to report regarding the website, lets just hope when we do hear anything its all good.

I'm still taking advantage of the Christmas season and doing fun family things rather than work. Shall be dreaming of being a rock god tonight and playing it all day tomorrow....

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