Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Always send a woman to do a job right first time.........

Today we had the meeting with the design company. Over the years I have attended many a meeting with professional LOOKING people. They may not be professional, however they look the part. With this in mind, this was my expectation. How wrong could I be.

When I walked into the office I was politely greeted by several people, who all looked like they had just come from the local skate park. They all looked like they had clean underwear on and didn't look over the age of 25. We walked into an office with someone off "the Beatles St peppers lonely heart clubs band" album and sat down.

Dad being old has a weak bladder, so while he went to relieve himself I took the opportunity to start without him. Within one hour and forty five minutes the website page was designed. When the meeting was over, we hooked up with the other skater boys on the landing and talked a while longer about further info.

They all knew their stuff and were great with any questions asked. Never judge a book by its cover, the next skater boy you see, could be the next Bill Gates skating down the road.

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