Saturday, 27 December 2008

The festive season

Been a few days since I have had the chance to write anything, due to the wonderful time of Christmas. I have eaten plenty, drunk to be merry and felt spoilt and pampered too.

Christmas day was lovely. Dad was in his festive mood and woke my brother nice and early to get to mine. My daughter liked her new laptop, and my partner Mark, loved everything i got him too. In the evening We had my four year old niece over and she was a delight, until she played with sand in my living room and then processed to take things from my home by putting them in her bags. I'm now one hat short and some snow babies..... little bugger. x

For a change my mother didn't get drunk, however she did more than make up for it the Sunday before. Four glasses of wine and she was ill like you have never seen. Dad took delight in cleaning up the mess

Anyway, lots of cleaning up and sorting out ipods for me today, the joys of Christmas......

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