Thursday, 26 March 2009

Back to the blank page

The site is having a total re vamp. After some emails bouncing back and forth today, it has been agreed to change the colours to orange, black, green and white, rather than, black, green and white. I think we may also have a bit of grey in there somewhere. We are also getting rid of the mascot, logo and cards. He has convinced dad that it looks too much like a gambling website, so we are going to make it look more of a gaming website.

So we're back to the drawing board on ideas for the mascot and logo, no doubt the overall look of the site layout will also change.

Obviously the cost of this is now going to go up, as he now has to get an illustrator to do the logo and mascot, and the site itself has to be designed too. Not sure how much if any, this will delay things as I imagine they will still be able to get on with what they need to do in the mean time, while these things are being formed.

How the logo or mascot is going to look is anyone guess, but they seem extremely helpful and are full of ideas, which is more than what could be said for the previous company.

I have been going through the stuff dad sent me, very helpful in parts, very confusing in other. I have now joined up with wordpress so I can blog on there too, not everyone is going to use blogspot, and it's worth trying to reach as many people as possible, or as my dad says, I can bore more people to death. Should you already be a member of word press and wish to use this instead, then go to

Still unsure what dad is doing within is little world, but I'm now having to put lists together and yet again do more researching. How exciting my life is, I used to spend any spare time I had watching soaps, films, reading or spend time chatting with friends or relaxing at home with family, now I spend what little time I have, staring at a computer screen reading stuff I barely understand and then having to read it again to get my head round it.

I love the way some people out there talk or write about subjects you have no idea about what so ever, use all this fancy terminology and live you more confused and dumbfounded than ever. Why can't they talk or write about subjects in a way non computer geeks or SEO expects can understand in plain English, this would make my life so much easier and pose less stress on the few little brain cells I have left...

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