Friday, 13 March 2009

Wide berth!

Friday the 13th. I'm sure if we were still dealing with the skater boys we would be in for a day of hell!

However we don't and everything has been hunky dory in my little world. Shame the same can't be said for dad. His heating has packed up on him and is having a funny five minutes. Sometimes it works other times it doesn't, plus this affects the hot water, or should I say lack of it. lol

He also has the pleasure of the grandchildren this weekend. He will love every minute of the screams, shouting, crying and of course the temper tantrums and paddies. Dad will see this as some form of bad deed in a former life and will wonder what indeed, he did, to have to endure three days of what he will only see as torture on the ears!

Dad has finally finished updating the spec, he sent the updated version to both potentials and both will get back to us on Monday. Dad also sent it to me to read, what a joy that was! All 87 pages of it!

The other company who came back with the stupid quote and the non ability to read, are still trying their best, bless them. We are unaware if they too are skater boys & girls; however they are acting like them, so we're giving them a wide berth!

Not much more to report really. Going to watch comic relief tonight and of course corrie, will they or won't they make it to the altar, that's the big question!

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