Friday, 6 March 2009

Threatened with a pre launch page!

Dad got an email this morning from skater boy No2, saying the pre launch page will be ready to go live on Monday of next week.

We checked the pre launch page to see what changes, if any had been made and low and behold, things had changed. You register as normal, but instead of being able to refer a friend, you have to complete the registration process by click the link in the new email set up first. Once clicked, registration is successfully and then you can go on to refer friend/friends.

We still need them to move the refer a friend button to the right page, as its currently on the wrong one, reset the numbers and sort out the new emails. Once that is done we are ready to go live. Friday is the day I have in mine though, not Monday!

Nothing has changed on the website and we haven't had any updates, could mean one of two things, one they haven't done anything, or two they are working on something that's going to take a few days, once it's done, it will go onto the website for us to see.

So glad the weekend is here, been a long one.........

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