Monday, 2 March 2009

Breach of contract

Still no news from the skater boys confirming when we see the finished pre launch page, or confirmation on it being 28 days or 32 days, for the website completion.

Dad has come to the end of his tether!

He has sort legal advice and this afternoon they came back to him. It would seem skater boys have breached their contract and are being unreasonable about time scales. To be quoted an estimated 3 weeks for a pre launch page and to still be waiting some 11 weeks later is ridiculous, but then we didn't need the Legal people to tell us that.

Dad has emailed skater boys and requested the pre launch page to be completed by the 4th of March and for the website to be completed by the 31st of March 2009. He has also had to write to the skater boys, with the same information and send it recorded delivery.

Once this has been received we have to wait for them to reply, should they choose not to, further steps will then be taken. Dad has been informed, should it get to court procedures then he will get all of his money back, plus all his cost paid for.

This isn't something dad wants to do, but it has got to the point, if he doesn't do something, we may never get a website, or lose every penny put into this project.

As we knew dad isn't the only person to suffer this experience with web design companies. It would seem this has been happening a lot and web companies aren't getting away with it so lightly anymore. The justice system is working in favour of the client for a change and not the company!

As of yet, we have heard nothing from the skater boys. We may hear something tomorrow; then again we may not, who knows.

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