Monday, 30 March 2009

I'm a genius!

That's right I'm a genius. There are various reasons why I have come to this conclusion, mainly just because of the fact I'm female, however the following will explain more.

I have finally got my head round all the stuff dad sent me over the last few days. Now I have a better understanding of how linking works against your website ranking among other things. I rang dad with the amazing news only for him to tell me, to get on with it and write all the links out and send it to him to view. More work for me, so that's what I have been doing today, writing out all the links, keywords and meta tag stuff, so exciting it nearly made me want to pee myself!

The next reason I'm a total genius is because we have to come up with new ideas on how the website is to look and what logo and mascot we are now going to use, as the old ones have been scrapped!

Dad has been pondering for days, so too has the web developer. Once I got a few minutes spare on Friday afternoon I decided to put my brain cells into action to solve this problem. Within seconds my brain was filled with lots of inspirational thoughts, which led me to sort out yet another one of dad's problems.

Again I rang dad with my wonderful ideas and gave him my detailed thoughts on it all. I truly believe he is so proud to have such a wonderful, intelligent, dedicated and brilliant daughter, that as soon as the website is bringing in money, I shall receive a rather large pay cheque! He doesn't know how lucky he is. Anyhow, dad passed all this information onto the website developer and he too thinks my ideas are excellent.

In light of this situation instead of being Customer service as dad keeps implying, I shall now only be referred to as Managing Director SEO Genius!

Should he not wish to call me by this title, then I shall have no alternative but to cease use of all fingertips and computers and resume to my normal way of life, before I took this workload on.......

Not sure what the web developer is doing today, come to think about it, not sure what dad is doing either, probably another day where I seem to be the only one doing any work!

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