Wednesday, 25 March 2009


The guys who are doing the website for us are making a start on the layout of the site and colour scheme. We told them we weren't happy with the website's previous layout or colours and they agreed it needed to change, so today we've been presented with colour schemes again......

The logo and mascot are also being re done, but I don't think much, if anything is going to change about them.

I haven't spoken to the web guys about the website as dad has dealt with them so far. However I have now be told I'm to be included in all further mails, which means we shall be back to arguing again over colours when we see the first draft. However in saying this, dad and I did agree today on a colour scheme we both preferred, which made a refreshing change!

I think they could also be doing something with the pre-launch page, or holding page as they call it, as well as looking into the clock functionality. They seem very focused on getting this right, so let's hope they do.

They have been more than helpful so far and they like to communicate a lot which I really hope is their working ethos. They seem to take the time to explain things even if dad doesn't really understand what they are talking about. Not only do emails go back and forth, but also calls. We never had this from the previous company.

I'm going through some of the information that dad sent me the other day. Trying to work through it as I'm doing it, that way I shall have a much better understanding of it all, rather than reading through a load of pages all at once and overloading my poor brain. The information supplied actually means I am learning something new, which makes a change. So much stuff on SEO repeats itself; this is giving me more information and tools to help me along the way, which could potentially make my life a little easier in the long run.

The lovely girl from Key 103 (Manchester) is still in contact with me over the marketing we could potentially do with them. Really good at her job, gives a friendly call without the feeling of being hounded. Shame there aren't more people in this line of business like her.

Nothing else to report at this stage, Not sure what dad is doing, probably sat on his arse in front on the computer looking busy, doing nothing as my mother would say!

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