Sunday, 1 March 2009

A relaxing sunday

Today, I've done nothing, got up, went to the Tesco early, car park was empty, so I could park as close as I could, without having to walk too far. Got inside, lovely and peaceful, got what I needed and headed to the checkout. They couldn't serve me until 10am, so I had to stand at the checkout for two minutes waiting for the clock to chime.

Once 10am came, beeps could be heard up and down; children appeared from nowhere, screaming and shouting, parents seemed oblivious, too busy catching up with friends, and blocking anyone from passing as their trolleys took up all the space available to pass. I paid and hurried to the safety of the car and headed home.

Grumpy came for dinner today, as mum is away visiting he mother/my nan. No sooner had he turned up but so too, did my two good friends. They popped in on their way home for a quick coffee and chat. One of my friends made the fatal mistake of asking my dad how the site was going. An hour later, I think he wished he never came round, let alone asked! lol

We have done a few tests on the site over the weekend. Something's are working, something's still don't and somehow, something's work worse now, than they ever did before!

Dad has written an update to the web developer letting him know the list of problems found; hopefully these will get rectified before he moves onto something else. Monday tomorrow, weekends go too quickly and before you know it, your back to the grind stone again.....

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