Friday, 20 March 2009

Left in the lurch

If I already didn't have enough to do I now find myself having to take over my daughter's blog for a few days while she takes time out to wander around the City of Amsterdam.

I use the daughter term loosely as the blood tests I've recently had done, have yet to be proved conclusive.

Quite what the poor Dutch population have done to merit her arrival in their midst over a quiet, exceptionally sun filled few days, is beyond me!! I guess it's a bit like inflicting the Ebola virus over a weekend and expecting them to survive. But hey! I am sure given this short, sharp lesson the dutch will in future, treat her like British Beef by never again allowing her to darken their doorstep. In fact I suspect the next time she ever tries to enter the country, Bells will ring, Sirens will screech and laser beams of light will fill the heavens warding off all manner of evil spirits.

Yes, I am certain her passport will be microchipped accordingly in that never again will she be allowed back onto Dutch soil.......Not even to view Tulips.....

Of course on a more serious note, I am left asking myself, what possible reason is there for me to take over this blog?

Now my daughter may not be the brightest light bulb in Woolworth's (Yes, before you comment, I am aware Woolworth no longer exists) surely even she is aware, technology as it is today, stretches far and wide, certainly wide enough that if broadband has reached Manchester then it is sure to have reached the flat, mountainless terrains of Holland. Hence, given she has a laptop, is it not therefore reasonable for me to assume she could have taken this with her?

Would you, her followers not have enjoyed a few snapshots of Amsterdam's better known district or maybe a pic or two taken while she hung off the side of a canal boat? Yes, though she may not agree I feel this is an opportunity missed for her followers and all because of this selfish need to enjoy herself.

I know for a fact she will frequent the occasional cafe over there and I am sure said cafes, among other things will have wi-fi hotspots, so again, what possible excuse can she have for not taking a few minutes out of her busy schedule of relaxing in order to write a few well versed lines of her blog?

But of course it's the female species we are dealing with here and just who could possibly know how their minds operate? Definitely in no logical manner that's for sure.

Well whatever the case let's just hope she comes back refreshed (Errrr Like she was ever exhausted) when at least then I might then reasonably expect her to provide a little more input and effort.....and of course let us also hope she is not remiss enough to have forgotten MY duty free!!!!

Ah yes....The blog and the website......Yes you can see...writing is not really my forte and it seems already I have run out of time. I will try to update you some more tomorrow and can only hope my efforts do not lose my daughter too many of her followers. Then again, with that attitude of hers she has only herself to blame.

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