Thursday, 19 March 2009

Not from the south but the north!

We now have a web developer in place. Yippeee! We have decided to go with the guys from the North, yes that's right, north, not south!

I'm really starting to wonder if my dad is losing the plot. He thought for some reason, these guys were from the south, Brighton, how wrong could he be, when he found out today they are from the north, Yorkshire! Couldn't be much further apart really. How could he get it so wrong?

Tomorrow we should get the breakdown of timescales, costing, tests and research undertaken. After that, it will be go, go, go again, let's just hope we have a better time and experience with these guys, otherwise I think dad and I will lose the will to live!

We decided to go with the guys rather than the female as we didn't like the terms of contract and we felt unsure if she would be able to do the clock counter, where as these guys seem to convince us that they are more capable.

As you know, I'm off tomorrow for the weekend, so father will be blogging instead. Looking forward to the break away, no kids, men, cooking or cleaning, just lots of shopping, drinking, sightseeing and walking!

When I return, no doubt it will be back to the grindstone. A woman's work is never done, no rest for the wicked........

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