Friday, 27 March 2009

A weekend of R & R

I feel this week has been incredibly long. Not sure if it's all the early mornings in a row I've had to tolerate, or all the extra working hours I've put in this week, whatever the case, I'm knackered and so glad it's the weekend.

The other half is working this weekend and I know he will be up and out early. We have a spare room and I asked him, would he like to sleep in there tonight so not to wake me in the morning, to which he replied no, but he's more than happy for me too. I'm not going to give up my half of the bed for anyone, so looks like I'm going to be woken up at silly O'clock again!

Oh and the clocks change this weekend, so not only do I suffer from lack of zzz's, but now I'm going to lose a valuable hour too.

Dad has sorted out the hosting today for the website. Although the colour scheme is now in place, a decision has yet to be made on the mascot, logo and layout. Dad and I had a brief chat about it today, but still no outcome has been reached. As to what, if any development has taken place so far, we are unsure.

Probably going bring joy to my dad's life this weekend and visit him and mother. Firstly I shall disappoint him with the presents I brought back from Amsterdam, he wanted duty free fags, instead he's got a pair of clogs and a fridge magnet. Then I shall going on to delight him with my holiday snaps all 60 of them. We will then move onto website discussion, which could go on for hours, thank the lord my mother has a good wine selection.

Let's hope we have some nice weather and I get chance to get out in the sun for a bit over the weekend, would be nice to do something with the garden, even if it's only to tidy it up a bit. I'd like to get my hanging baskets and pots done, but it's too early in the year for that yet, we have the April showers to come before any glimmer or hope of sunshine.

Dad has finally got his money back from the skater boys, god knows what took them so long, but at least our business with them is finally ceased. Next time you see a skater boy going down the road, don't be tempted to think they could be the next Bill Gates like I so foolishly did, instead throw a stick under their wheels and take delight instead.

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