Monday, 23 March 2009

I'm back

I have returned from my lovely weekend away with the girls in Amsterdam, oh what a weekend!

Looking over the two days my dad wrote the blog for me, I see he has nothing but lovely, kind, caring and good words to say about his hard working dedicated daughter, something never change!

Being a dam virgin, I only had other people's word on the place, which in turn created images in my head of what I thought it was going to be like.

We arrived at night and once we had dumped our belongings in the hotel, which was right next to the train station, it was off out for the evening. First to the grasshopper for a drinky poo's then a stroll around the red light district.

As soon as I entered the grasshopper, a young lad stumbled out and past out on the floor. He had come from the downstairs coffee shop, "the weed must be good if it has that effect on you, I joked with a friend"

The red light district wasn't like I expected, for a start it was a lot smaller than I thought it would be. The girls in the windows were much prettier than I thought, nothing like the old hags you see over here! Turns out though, not all is what it seems, and most of the girls are really men that have had a sex change. Explains at lot!

The cobbled streets, bridges and canals take on a much different feel at night, much like walking round Glastonbury festival. Anyone who has ever been to the festival knows you can walk all night and never get bored of what to see or do.

Plenty of sex shops, seed shops, sex shows, strip shows, bars and souvenir shops to be had, along with black men hanging around whispering out drugs on offer. Plus of course the drunken men eyeing up the window girls and shouting at them, how the women don't go out and deck them one, I'll never know.

By day Amsterdam took on a different feel. Complete madness! We walked miles on the Saturday, went to a park, couple of bars, a coffee shop or two, had a lovely pizza for dinner and had wonderful weather to top it off. Dam square is great to people watching, I spotted Darth Vader, Batman and Death roaming around.

Referring to the madness Amsterdam takes on by day is the traffic. Trying to cross the road in Amsterdam is like playing frogger, bikes, trams, cars, bikes, trams, people, and that was just one road of many, which we had to do on several occasions. I couldn't believe my eyes when I seen a multi storey car park just for push bikes, unreal the amount that you see everywhere. They don't care where they ride, happy to go on the pavements and then expect you to get out of the way. Pedestrians are second class citizen over there.

We seen so much is such little time, that I plan to go back again sometime soon for another mini adventure. There were three of us this time around; however other friends are coming for the ride next time!

I have posted some pictures below for all to see, however should you feel you would only be wasting valuable life time then click away at the end of the text.

In the mean time, dad has emailed me some info that I have to look through, he wanted me to take work with me to the Dam, however I politely said no, it will have to wait. Not much else work wise for me to do at the moment as I need the site to start before I can do a thing.

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