Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Pre launch page is ready

Dad received an email today, saying the pre launch page is ready. I then got a call from dad, saying it was ready. Ready my arse......

Nothing has changed, nor has it for the past two weeks, so why could they possibly think it was ready. They know what is outstanding, so have they not tested to make sure it is ready, or just passed it on to us for the sheer hell of it?

Then there's the website. A new feature has been added today. Why we don't know, has it been asked for? Yes, but for it to be in the database, not on the website. They have taken a day to do this wonderful feature. What a waste of a day, when they could have done what was asked in the same time. More delays now!

Why, why, why oh why can't they read the spec and work it out for themselves what they should be doing, check their work when they think they have finished, reply to updates rather than forwarding them to us claiming work has been done, when it clearly hasn't.

Dad will not get his pre launch page tomorrow as requested and I'm dam sure he won't get his website on the 31st of March either.

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