Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Quote, quotes and more quotes

We are starting to get the quotes come back, from people we have emailed our spec too over the last few days. The two we have received already, lead me to believe they too, could be like the skater boys!

They haven't gone through the spec properly, so they don't have any understanding of the full website requirements or the functionality and just come back with a stupidly priced quote and a PDF file full of crap.

We do however have two people who could turn out to be suitable. Both can read both are taking their time to go through it, so that's a bonus if nothing else. One is based in the southwest, the other in the south. Both are freelance and claim to have years of experience, so we shall have to wait until tomorrow afternoon, to get their quotes and see.

We have decided to change the colours of the site now. We are going to go with a space blue as I call it on the outer rim and a different blue as the main body. We plan to change the text colour and the logo text too. The rest will stay as it is, well at least for now anyway.....

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