Thursday, 5 March 2009

Catch up for new readers

Building a website is no easy task. We started the project back in late September. The thoughts went into motion and a 65 page spec was created. Research was then undertaken to find a suitable web developer and designer. Time was taken until we thought we had found the right company.

With a 65 page spec, yes, you may feel this is long, however it is very detailed, allowing anyone to understand each page, it features and functionality. I have spoken to other people, who also have specs this long, if not longer to deal with. A real must for a developer to do their job well!

In December 2008, we handed the project over to the company, who told us that after looking over the spec, they knew they could do it. They informed us after Christmas (about 3 weeks) we would get the pre launch page and 3 months later we would get the finished website and management system.

January, February and now we're in March. We have no pre launch page and are still a long way off from a website.

We have supported them all the way, done updates for them, emailed them info when required, but still they haven't produced a thing. We have smashed our heads against walls, dented tables, bitten finger nails and are now going slightly bald in places.

Frustration is an understatement as to how we feel. We email, they ignore us, we give them detailed instructions, they screw it up, we draw pretty pictures of how we want things to look and they screw it up. They give us completion dates, then change them, they set up our emails address and sort our domain out, then ask us, do we have any email address and what is our domain. Are they stupid, do they less of a memory than a goldfish?

We don't know what to do for the best anymore. Take up Valium or go website developer hunting and I'm not going to use paint balls!

I have never dealt with a company who don't care about their clients, the quality of work they produce, or the service they provide. Even the Director couldn't give a dam about the reputation of his company. They don't seem to care that within the last 20 days theyhave only manage 2 days work and even then it is incorrect. Never have they produced anything that worked first time, nor have they been consistent with anything.

Should any of my readers decide that one day, a website could be for them, think wisely before you do. Web developers in my eyes are no better than cowboy builders. Now I'm not saying all web developers, nor am I saying all builders are cowboys. With all the best research in the world, you never know what you could be letting yourself in for, until the project is finished. Could be heaven or it could be hell......

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