Monday, 16 March 2009

Females are wonderful species!

We are still awaiting quotes to come back. The guy in the south came back with some questions and a chat about a few things, mentioned he would be building the front end and his colleague would be doing the back end, but still no quote has come, so we are unsure when that will arrive.

The guy from the south west hasn't come back at all, not sure what is taking him so long, but if he doesn't pull his finger out soon, we won't be bothering with him.

We have however heard back from a female developer. She has the ability to read, be prompt with emails, logical and has done more than the two guys so far.

She came back with her spec of requirements for the site, a timescale, price and let us know what each part will be programmed in. Came to a 27 page spec, so was impressed. More than what we ever got from the skater boys.

We have found that the female developer does seem to have a different opinion to the guy in the south, regarding certain aspects of the site. Dad has emailed her some further questions and some points that she has missed out, nothing to important and probably easy to over look after reading through 87 pages!

So we are still waiting, waiting for how long, I'm unsure, just hope it isn't much longer.......

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