Wednesday, 18 March 2009


Still no news! The south west guy is not going to do it, It only took him a week to come to this conclusion though, why it took him this long, I don't no. Makes you wonder how he copes with a decision over his tea each night, mind boggles, so we are now down to two.

The female with a brain, has a horrid terms of business contract, which we would want changed if we were to go with her. If she wasn't prepared to do this, then it would end there.

The guy from the south seems to think we should say if we are going with him first, before he can give us a quote and a time scale. Really, what person in their right mind would say they would give them the job, without first finding out the costs involved? It could rack up to god knows what figure, really, stupid man!

We have put this to him and are now waiting for him to reply. I don't understand why he can't just give us a quote and then we can move forward to the next stage. This whole process seems to be dragging along at the pace of a stoned snail, I wish said snail would slowly move over a trail of amfets and then get things zooming along to the point the ball can start rolling again so to speak on the build of the site.

I'm jetting off in a few days time, so I'm going to leave you in the hands of my father for the weekend. God only knows what madness and lies he will unleash upon you, but may the force be with you, of course you can always choose to ignore him, like we all do and not tune in until Monday when I shall be back!

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