Saturday, 24 January 2009

What a fun day I've had. I went wall climbing today, such fun, really gets the heart going! My arms have grown a few inches and my fingers a few more. Managed to do about an hour before I'd had enough!

To recover, friends and I went for lunch before a little retail therapy was in order!

I'm sure your wondering how dad took the news of the phone call yesterday. Lets put it this way, I was right about going in armed with wine! Not for him of course, but for myself.

With excitement he answered the phone, remained hopefully and to a grumpy standard happy, until I managed to get about two sentences into my conversation. From there on in, his mood changed from a slightly happy person, to someone who wanted to shoot the web company, followed by the air of depression that it maybe just easier for him to shoot himself. He felt at least it would take the pain away from having to deal with website company anymore.

After about an hour of discussions, we decided they have a deadline to get reports schedules and time frames to us, as well as a response to outstanding emails and of course my gimmick!

If by this date, all the information is not with us, then that will be it. We shall end our contract with the company. This however, is not going to be that straight forward!

I know last night, dad fired off yet another email to the website company with detailed instructions of what he expected from them and when.

Not to confuse the website developer, he too got an email. One about the launch page and one about the website. These emails contain detailed instructions of what needs to be changed, added, sorted, moved etc in the launch page, plus a document, outlining the websites errors etc.

Dad has also put an index in the website spec, just to make the developers life a little more easier. Other than writing the website himself, there isn't much more dad can do to make it any easier for him!

This evening i plan to stay in, catch up on Dexter and maybe have a nice long soak in the bath. This might ease my muscles and hopefully make my arms and fingers the right length again!

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