Friday, 23 January 2009

Breaking bad news, is never easy!

What a day I've had. Firstly I would like to say I had a wonderful night out with friends, suffered a bit for it this morning, however now I'm like a galloping race horse!

Been doing lots of work for dad today, part of which included receiving a phone call from the website company!

Over the last few days, things have been happening to the website, however only at the speed of a tiny snail. Some of these new functions don't work, some are pointless, some don't relate to anything and some things only an idiot would understand!

Dad and I have discussed the site for many hours over the last few days, running checks, making notes, checking errors, etc, etc.

As you can imagine, having to talk to him at all is bad enough, but to have to do it for hours is painful.

Well here comes the best bit. The reason I had to receive a call from the website company was because dad thought I would be able to be calm and deal with it better than him. Dad had emailed a few days ago complaining about communications and the fact the project manager wasn't doing his job.

The out come of that email, got him a new project manager, who would be able to take over full time. He was expected to project manage. Not pass stuff back to us saying, its done, for us only to check and see it was clearly not! We expected communication and for it not to always take place close to the end of the day, plus we wanted to have schedules and time frames now put into place.

Well I had the phone call and what a joy it was!

Nothing dad and I have asked for has been done and now its the weekend, nothing will until Monday! No reports, schedules or time frames. Communication was done probably as he was walking out the door. My tracking code is still not correct, my gimmick wont be with me as Ryan is ill and nobody could be bothered to tell me. Good job I'm not still holding my breath from the other day!

Another Skater boy who is useless! As for Ryan, I can only think he got his fingers run over and cant email me to inform me of his situation!

And the best bit? I have yet to phone dad and break the news! I know this will then lead into a full blown discussion, that will go on and and on! Therefore, I shall go into battle armed with a large bottle of wine. This of course, purely for pain reduction!

May you evening be merry and brighter than mine!

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