Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Life is flowing through my bones again

I am pleased to say I'm feeling much better now and hope I never have to face that again. Dad spoke with me early this morning and once he knew I was in full working order, my workload increased.

I've been in contact with the design company, regarding a gimmick for part of the website. I gave him a detailed description of what I wanted via email last night and he got back to me first thing this morning.

Within two emails, we both seem to be singing from the same hymn sheet. Will be nice if first design is good to go, not like the website design.

We haven't heard anymore about the initial website page, or the coding done so far. Lets hope we hear from them tomorrow, otherwise that will be more moaning from the grumpy old git.

Today I've mainly been researching Google analytics, seonurse, site optimisation and listening to my dad on the phone for hours moaning and giving orders. My life is so exciting, I could pee myself!

Google analytics is great, gives so much information. Have it on my blog now and in time will have it as part of the website too.

Site optimisation is very time consuming, but great if you can do all the bits required. Lots of reading involved and keeping up to date with things, but can be done in no time at all once your on top of everything. Shame I'm not at that stage yet.

Going to call it a night now and get into the realms of soaps, before hopefully having a good nights sleep.

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Elly Russell said...

SEO is a lot of hard work but it does pay off when you get it right, you have much to do....