Monday, 26 January 2009

Productive day

Has it been a productive day? For me yes, for dad yes, for the website company not for us, but maybe they can now do a 360!

Today I have been researching google webmaster tools, google checkout, world pay and pay point. Plus had further discussions with the local radio station, regarding advertisement.

I have also had the pleasure of a nice lengthy conversation with dad this afternoon, regarding the website development (lack of it) and the news I've heard today. News I hear you cry, news!

Don't get excited. They didn't email off their own backs, nor did they give me anything exciting to go on. Oh no!

They were only replying to me. I had to send some information over to them, which they needed to add to the website, plus chase up a few things, which included my gimmick.

Well, he must be either, stupid, thick, a stoner, or all of the above, because he couldn't recall the conversation about webmaster tools, even though he was the one who informed me of this. Neither can he remember the correct spelling of the website, and when if asked the previous project manager, neither could he!

Is there any hope?

My gimmick is still no further to completion, as the designer is still ill! I wonder if ill, is code for injured laying low at the skate park, or ill, because he got his fingers run over, while injured laying low at the skate park!

Whatever the case, it sucks! How they manage to run a business like this I just don't know!

Well they are meant to be getting back to dad tomorrow with schedules etc, lets just hope they do, for my own sanity and for dads, otherwise we shall give them one less business to worry about!

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