Tuesday, 27 January 2009

What a happy day!

As you maybe aware, we have been awaiting the call today from the web company! It came, Yipppeeee!

Instead of project manager, we will call him, skater boy no 2. Well skater boy no 2, called dad and they both discussed in great lengths, problems, schedules, time frames, launch page, website and gimmicks etc.

Dad spoken to him, in skater language and clearly he has taken on board, just what the website has to do, problems, errors, etc, etc.

Yet again, dad went into great lenths on the importance of communication. Dad is a fair man, believe it or not. He is OK with bad news, but no news, he isn't!

We have a schedules nearly in place, the launch page, should be good to go, by the end of this week. The website should be completed, tested and ready to go by the 20th of February. This I very much doubt, but dad has faith for some strange reason.

As for the gimmicks, well, designer skater boy, is still poorly, bless him! Is my gimmick being done, is it ........

However we are getting progress on this. Skater boy no 2 also has the director of the company now cc'd on emails. So lets hope he too, is getting as fed up as we are!

Skater boy no 2 is getting someone else to get the gimmick finished and put it on the launch page. He also jumps to emails, like he is electrocuted every time a mail goes into his inbox. The response time is amazing! If only I knew this to be true, I would have done it with designer skater boy a long time ago.lol

On checking the site today, further developments have taken place, although some we cannot check at this stage. Some of the errors have been rectified, however still not all.

I'm not sure if skater boy no 2 has balls of steel, or in fact if he has any at all (due to a freak skating accident that may have happened at the park). But what I do know is, if he does have some, I hope he is prepared to lose them, if these time frames are way off schedule!

Could it be that we are moving forward, could it be the director doesn't want to hand his money back to us, could it be the skate park has been destroyed? I dont know what is happening, but lets hope they keep it up!

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