Monday, 19 January 2009

Why cant people communicate?

Today has been a really crappy day! I'm cheesed off, pissed off and all the other off you can think of!

I had to write an email again today to the website company, regarding the email that I sent on Friday, to which I'm still awaiting a response too. Guess what, I'm still awaiting a response on today's email too! What is wrong with these people?

Has their phone lines gone down, have they been burgled and have no PCs to email on, has an earthquake happened and their office is no longer standing, or is it just the fact the weather was fine and they all went to the skate park?

Whatever it is, the reason for their lack of communication is at a total loss to me and of course grumpy, who now has good reason to be grumpy! I'm so angry I feel like burning down their local skate park if I thought it would make them work!

I'm also cheesed off as I have a very expensive bracelet, which broke on me today. Not a happy bunny. All I did was make the bed and it flip off. Just great!

On the brighter side, I had my meeting with the local radio station today regarding advertisement. As you maybe aware advertisement is never a cheap thing, but its the only way of getting in front of a large audience.

I think we are going to go with sponsoring one of the DJ's slots plus we get a free banner on their website for for 12 months, which will link itself to our website. That's if we ever getting the website launched! We will have four adverts going out per day, plus we will pay for a few to go out at other times of the day too.

We will be on at prime time, so hopefully we shall be heard. Plus our website name is catchy and easy to remember.

Obviously this will only been going out to people within our area. Next step is to look further a field and go

I am hoping tomorrow will be a better day, I hope to a response to my email, I also hope they pull their finger out and get some work done on the launch page and the website. Otherwise, me grumpy and the other dwarfs will be going down there to sort it out!

With regards to the emails I posted yesterday regarding my dad and his neighbour, I hope you enjoyed it and shall post another one tomorrow. Dad on the other hand feels it isn't funny to expose him in this light and feels he should get solicitors involved to sue us! lol

This will never happen, as his neighbour will finish her course and exam this week and will then be qualified to section him under the mental health act! I have agreed that she can do this and in return have offered her the use of his hot tub as the new duck pond!

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