Wednesday, 14 January 2009

My gimmick is nearly done

At 5.15 today, I received my gimmick. So far it has a head and a hand holding a card. I'm expecting to get the finished product tomorrow, but these are skater boys I'm dealing with, so more like Friday.

I'm very pleased with the look so far, but was expecting to see the finished product, after all I have been waiting one and a half weeks now!

I suppose I have to respect the fact it is being done by a skater boy, if a female skater chick was doing it, then I would have got it days ago.

Grumpy git didn't get to see the first draft today, nor did he get any communication as to why, maybe the phone signal at the skate park isn't very good. He has moaned, moaned, and moaned, over and over again. I'm still considering getting BT to block his number!

I understand his frustration, I myself am getting annoyed at the fact my gimmick is taking so long. Appreciation of the fact we aren't the only customers, but communication is required to obtain a good, if not excellent customer service level.

As most people know, it easy to get a bad reputation, but very hard to maintain a good one. Lets hope their other customers aren't as frustrated as us.

Grumpy is still going through the man flu! To us females, he has the sniffles! To him, hes is dying (I wish he would hurry My mum had the day off work today, god how she wished she hadnt, now I know why the wine rack is always so low. I myself have taken to drink since working for him!

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