Wednesday, 28 January 2009

I feel like I have a cattle prod in my hand!

I ended my post yesterday on a happy note and I'm pleased to say I'm starting this one on a good one too!

It would seem, the skater boys take it in turns to be ill. Today skater boy no 2 is out. But designer skater boy is in!

I have received a gimmick, which is on the right track, but still not finished correctly. I have gone back to him with changes and amendments, to which he has told me will take a week to finish. A week is a long time I know, however at least I have a time frame!

Dad however isn't all that pleased with the gimmick, but then is he ever pleased about anything? He too has come up with something he would like to see, so I'm guessing when the gimmicks are completed, I shall have a battle on my hands. Father and daughterly love, don't you just love it!

Website developments are progressing along nicely, a lot of things are happening still behind the scenes, but overall a steady progress is being made.

More progress than what can be said for my mother! I have been writing this blog now for a few months and in this time my mother has been four times. Complete strangers have visited again and again. Some even everyday!

My mother however, always response with " in a minute" 17,976 minutes have past since I last asked and I'm still waiting. Does she live in some weird time frame that no one else lives in?

She has time for the DS, TV, wine, chocolate, more wine and bingo etc. But never has time for reading, exercise, cleaning or ironing.

So mother, if you are reading this for once, maybe not today, but in a minute! I going to do the lottery today. If I win, I will write it on here. If, when you next try to contact me, you cant get hold of me. You will know why!

If my mum just added, man to the end of her "in a minute" she could work for the skater boys!

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