Saturday, 3 January 2009

I feel like poo

Yesterday evening, around 6.30pm I started to get toothache. I knew it was due to the lost of a filling over Christmas, so thought taking 2 hardcore paracetamol would do the trick.

Three hours later, the pain was still there, if not increasing, so I took two more. Around 11pm I went to bed, still in pain. At 1.40am, I had enough of just lying there in immense pain, and took two more.

By 4.00am, not only was my head throbbing away, but now my back was killing me and my stomach was hurting. Every time the pain was in my back, so it would also be in my stomach. The pain was also making me feel sick, even though I knew I wasn't going to be.

Then I started to think not only did I have raging toothache, but now I'm going down with a kidney infection too. I have a wonderful memory foam mattress so I know it wouldn't be this, that was giving me really bad back and stomach pains.

At 6.00am I couldn't take it anymore and woke my partner to moan to him about how bad I felt. His response was go be sick then, then come back to bed and take it easy. Thank the lord I didn't have a hammer in my hand at this point.

Any how, he went to work this morning, while I have been in pain. The list of things I wanted to do has gone out the window. Apart from cleaning the house. Which hasn't been easy with the back.

I rung the dentist help line. They managed to make me an appointment for tomorrow, but I have to drive over an hour to get there. I can now see I have an abscess so hopefully they will give me drugs to relive the pain. Although since I booked the appointment the pain has now gone.

The back and stomach pain is still in full swing. It feels just like being in labour. Strong pains that come and go. If it doesn't go away soon, I will go to A & E, as this isn't normal and no, I cant be pregnant! It maybe just lack of food yesterday and the 6 pills have caused some sort of reaction. I just know it f**k** hurts.

I was going to have a nice long soak in the bath tonight, in hope to help the back pain, but the dentist helpline, said no heat around the face as this can make the abscess worse. Just great!

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