Saturday, 17 January 2009

An lovely day

It was lovely to wake up this morning, when my body and brain was ready too. Rather than being forced too at some early hour, then work, work and yes more work.

Today I went shopping, brought myself some nice face products and finally got my picture back from the framing shop.

I had a really nice lunch with my partner, before coming home to see some family members not seen in a while. Within twenty minutes my brother couldn't resist the temptation any longer and had to get the guitar hero world tour out!

With me on drums, bro on guitar and partner on bass, we turned ourselves into rock demons and played like animals for about an hour. Having played this game for a while now, I have decided I need a new large telly with a good surround system! I want to entertain the whole of my village, not just a small part of it!

Dad has darkened my day with lists of things to do etc, yes on a Saturday! I have let myself in for a fall tomorrow and said I would go over. I need to chat about what questions he may have for the radio guy coming on Monday, as I'm sure there will be a few.

Plus I have to show him everything to do with the analytics I have done, plus maybe go over the rest of the errors etc on the draft website page. Neither of us have gone over the management part yet, as there is so much of it!

I don't know, never any rest for the wicked, not even on a Sunday!

My picture is now on the wall, I have chocolate, wine and nice nibbles in for this evening. Daughter of darkness is out the for the night, so a peaceful evening in with the other half is planned, maybe even a DVD.

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