Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Men why can't they listen!

As you may have read, at Christmas I broke my car door handle, due to the frost. As you may also know, a mechanic came to my rescue and helped me.

When he arrived to my rescue, he checked the door and informed me that I need a new handle. So when I booked the car into the garage for an mot last week, I told them I needed a new handle and to order it and fit it for me.

When I took the car in this week for the mot, he informed me that he hadn't ordered the part, as it could be something else and would wait until he had taken the panel off.

They have done this today and low and behold, I was right, I did need a handle! Now I have to wait for it to arrive, be sprayed to match the car and then be fitted.

This isn't going to happen until next week, which is no good to me as the mot will run out this Friday. Just great!

If he had done what was asked of him, I would be sorted now and getting in my car like normal people do!

With regards to work, 9am this morning I spoke with someone from a radio station, about marketing and costs. He took my details and said he would send me some information via email.

Five minutes ago he rang to say his email isn't getting to me and keeps coming back not valid. I asked him to confirm my email, for it only to be wrong. How hard is it to write an email address down? At least he managed the phone number.

When I did finally get the information, it was just about how wonderful they are and what they can do for us etc. I already know this, that's why I've gone to them in the first place.

I should be getting my gimmick tomorrow and dad should be able to see the first draft of the website. Lets just hope they have listened to what I have asked of them. Otherwise I will seriously start to wonder if any man can follow a simple instruction!

Someone asked me today if the word genuine and female go together. Yes it was a man who asked this question! I would like him to know, all of my friends are genuine and some of them are even blonde!

It staggers me, that I can statistically see in just six hours genuine and male don't go in the same sentence at all!

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