Thursday, 15 January 2009

A long, long day

I cant wait for bedtime, I feel like I have been awake for years!

Why so tired I hear you ask? My other half, would say better, but that's not how I feel about him at the moment. Decided to be a fidget arse in bed last night and keep cuddling me. Topping it off was the wind outside that kept shaking the window. At one point all I needed was a ticking clock and I would have got up!

Don't get me wrong, I like a cuddle before sleep, but once I'm there I need space. I cant be doing with someone super gluing themselves to me and breathing at me all night. I get to hot and bothered. So all in all not a good nights sleep. As for the weather, hurry up and get to the summer time! Please.

My day started at 7am and I didn't finish until 4pm and that was just doing my own work. I'm still in the middle of doing dads work and shall be for a while yet. Plus of course cook tea, have a shower and maybe talk to my partner tonight, oh and have just been informed I have to go to tescos!

As for TV, I might get chance to watch Dexter, however with these heavy eyelids, I may well be asleep by then. Will have to record it just in case.

Dad still hasn't had the first draft of the website. And the nuisance calls keep coming!

He has discovered that if he goes to the link for the yet to be launch page, within his email, he can see what further developments have taken place. As you can imagine. Not a lot! I get the impression they do 20 minutes on each clients website and then head for the skate park for a few hours.

I have images of dad starring at the computer screen, with smoke coming out of his ears, snot from his nose (due to man flu) face turning reader than blood itself and ranting like you have never heard. Then that's when he gets on the phone to me. So glad I don't live there, or even next door!

Me and dad did a test today. I run on FireFox, mum runs on Internet explorer and dad on safari. The launch page works fine on FireFox and Internet explorer, but of course it had to be, that it doesn't work properly on safari. Just great!

All my questions regarding my gimmick have been answered today. That's all though, no finished product to report. Guess he is down the skate park too!

Really starting to question what they are doing! If it is taking this long to sort out a gimmick and a launch page, how long will it take to do the website, database, content management system and all the other jingly bits?

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