Friday, 30 January 2009

I'm so glad it Friday

This week has flown by. I think I feel like this, due to the fact I have been so busy.

Nothing to report regarding the website, we haven't heard anything from any of the skater boys, but they do like to leave things until 5.30 so who knows, we may get something then.

I'm looking forward to a lay in tomorrow. Haven't made any plans for the weekend yet, but I'm sure I will get up to something. I do plan to stay away from dad this weekend, because if he doesn't hear anything tonight then I know he will be moaning all weekend.

I would much rather he took it out on mother, who isn't drinking at the moment (may the force be with him) or his poor neighbour next door. She wont put up with his shit, who knows she may even set the dogs on him. But for the sake of the dogs I hope she doesnt, wouldnt want them to end up catchy something like miserable barstards disease!

Any how, nothing much to report, so until tomorrow, ta ra for now!

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