Monday, 5 January 2009

Giving birth to a kidney stone

As you know from my last blog, I was suffering with immense pain. After a few hours, I couldn't take it any longer and went to A&E.

I didn't have long to wait as I had already rang them and spoke with a doctor to give him an idea of what was wrong with me. He seemed to think it could be renal colic and wanted me to come up straight away, with a little pee sample. He made an appointment for me and within 20 minutes I was seen.

The Doctor I had spoken to however, was not the one that I seen. Instead it was someone who didn't seem to give a dame and wanted to go home.

I went over everything all over again, got prodded and poked and 20 minutes later he said he was unsure what it could be.

"It could be appendicitis, it could be your ovaries, or it could be a kidney stone. Best thing is to go home, if the pain gets any worse then go to the A&E at Bath or Yeovil as they will be able to run more tests than I can".

So I went home none the wiser. I didn't think it could be appendicitis or ovaries, however kidney stones could be a possibility. I googled renal colic, and by the symptoms it mentioned, I thought it could well be.

Today I felt a little better, the pain is still there but it's much more bearable. I felt I still need to know what was wrong, so I rang my doctors and made an appointment.

Told him everything, did a wee wee test and came back as kidney stones. Why the doctor I seen yesterday couldn't tell me this, I don't know.

I'm taking pain killers, and should feel better within a few days. I have been told to see if I can catch the stone as I pass it. Just great. I'm expecting to give birth to a golf ball!

Dad has been sympathetic for about 2.5 seconds today, before telling me at least this hasn't effected my finger tips, therefore I can still do some work for him. So that's what Ive mainly been doing, along with watching day time TV. Thanks ITV for This morning and loose women!

Here is a link to renal colic

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