Friday, 9 January 2009

I have escaped

I have managed to get away from grumpy git for the weekend! He doesn't have my friends number, I'm over 100 miles away and to top it off my signal on my mobile is crap here!

I have managed to avoid him for most of the day, busy doing my own work running around like a headless chicken and packing to come away for the weekend. However he did manage to catch me for half an hour today only to give me more orders and a list of things to do on my return.

I already have an endless list of things to do once the launch page is up and running, let alone all the other things he is asking me to do. If anyone out there has a cloning machine that they would like to lend me, please leave your details in the comment box below.

Planning on rocking out this evening, as my friend is also an avid fan of guitar hero and has world tour on the playstation 3 (and guitar hero 2 on XBox 360!). We have a busy day ahead of us tomorrow, hopefully filled with playing games, shopping, eating, drinking oh and building a space rocket and a robot for grumpy gits marketing campaign!

Rock hard, rock loud, rock animal.....

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